Abel Jimenez is a respected Mexican painter in the surrealistic tradition. His works with oil on canvas, and the works shown here are generally 40 by 60 inches. Here is his site.

contrastes_(contrasts)_c_r el_espejo_(the_mirror)_c_r el_sue_o_(dreams)_c_r elena_en_el_estudio_(elena_ emergiendo_(emerging)_c_r
en_el_estudio_(in_my_studio jimenez_nude_01_lr_5 jimenez_nude_02_lr_5 jimenez_nude_03_lr_4 jimenez_nude_04_lr_4
la_viajera_(the_traveller) nacer_(birth)_c_r paso_del_tiempo_(time_lapse venus_del_colchon_(venus_on


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