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Sidebar: Contacting girls, By Bernard Tate.

I thought I'd throw in a penny's worth regarding the approach to potential models found in the street, malls etc., having had some experience and success in that area. Your advise regarding courtesy, respect etc., is extremely sound and it must be evident from first moment of contact . A business card is the ice breaker given to the PYT (Pretty Young Thing) at the same time as introducing yourself .eg; [my approach, 80-90% successful] "Excuse me, may I have a word with you? [no pause] My name is ____, I'm a photographer and artist [give her card] I photograph/paint beautiful girls and I'd very much like to do some shots of you, I THINK YOU ARE SIMPLY AMAZING. [SMALL PAUSE] You don't have to answer me now, I won't even ask your name or your phone number... I don't want you to feel obliged to commit right now. If you are at all interested please give me a call. Thanks for your time." END

The PYT may show an immediate interest and may ask you questions as to whether she will have to pose nude, don't be alarmed, saying neither yes or no, just tell her you have a portfolio of your work which she can see when she makes the appointment to come see you (or you her). Turn and leave with "Thanks, again". Of some girls may jump at the offer. No problem, take it from there.

This is important. Have a list of fees you pay for say, normal glamour shots, beach shots, topless or semi nude , studio nudes and/or door nudes on the reverse side. She will definitely read it and see that nudes pay more than the others. Don't go over the top with it as it could conjure up concerns that you are in the sleaze business and you'll miss out on some beautiful creative moments with some very nice and lovely ladies.

Honesty and respect are most important, and MUST permeate ALL your dealings with models. These qualities will in turn garner respect for your professionalism from your girls and your reputation will engender interest from their girlfriends and you'll have more models than you can handle.

There is a simple psychology behind the approach. It allows the girl to postulate her own decision, which she alone must do. It leaves a girl unpressured and usually curious and again usually eager, particularly when she reads the fees. Your withdrawal [at the moment illustrated] will make an interested girl 'reach'. Expect a call. If the PYT doesn't ring, she was not keen in the first place. Remember there are zillions of PYTs dying to be models if only for a day. Deep inside it's every girl's dream to be thought of as beautiful.

Bernard Tate

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