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Letter of the week:


I spent my teenage years during the seventies in South Africa, a very conservative environment. All books, magazines, movies and even music were heavily censored. The censors were ostensibly there to protect us but hindsight reveals what we believed all along, that they were really oppressing us. No magazines like Playboy or Penthouse were allowed and we had our own local men's magazine called Scope. This magazine would perform self-censorship by placing black strips or stars over the model's nipples and genitals but even so an issue was often totally banned. I went through most of my teenage years with only a sketchy idea of the beauty of the uncovered female breast.

This changed in a most unlikely setting when at the age of seventeen I had finished school and entered university. There were many beautiful young women on campus dressed in clothes far more scanty and revealing than the school uniforms I was used to seeing. With this array of womanhood to view I might have easily missed seeing the beauty of a girl in my mathematics class. She was quite plain but not unattractive. She dressed rather conservatively in long, flowing peasant dresses and was easily overlooked amongst the more brash girls in their mini skirts and shorts. I had never paid her more than a passing interest until the day that she wore a new dress, with large armholes. She was sitting two rows in front of me, a few seats to my right. Some time into the lecture I noticed that she was leaning forward taking notes. But what really drew my eye was the way the armhole of her dress was gaping open, showing me that she was not wearing a brassiere and allowing me a view of one perfect breast. She sat like this for some time and I was able to sit and drink in her beauty.

She was olive skinned, with a tip-tilted nose and lovely full lips, which she would lick from time to time as she paid attention to the lecture. She had pushed her brown shoulder-length hair back behind her ear revealing a slender neck. Her breast was not overly large and was slightly pointed. I became aware that other boys had also noticed this vision and a large part of the lecture hall was watching this lovely girl. After a few minutes she smiled. Some time later she shifted position and ended the display of her charms.

I never got up the courage to speak to her, but I will always remember that girl, who gave me my first view of the beauty of the female breast.

Regards, Steve C

Thanks for the nice letter, Steve, your membership is sent. As you are well aware, DOMAI is of the belief that hiding a natural thing, especially beauty, is a grave mistake, and will stunt the spiritual growth and well being of everybody.

See you next week. :)


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