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Letter of the week:

"I could see these two sirens sitting on large rocks at the side of the pool washing with the cold water and giggling as they splashed each other."


I always remember this day when I walked in the woods in the early morning.

As a young man, I would often leave the house early on a Saturday morning to walk down into town and meet my friends for breakfast at the diner. I followed a stream that passed behind our property and flowed down the back of the hill, dropping about 500 ft over 2 miles. The stream made a series of small pools as it cascaded down the hill. About half way down the hill the stream intersected with the Appalachian Trail. This is a marked trail that meanders through the woods from Main to Georgia. In this part of Massachusetts, there may be 25 miles or more of trail between road crossings. You could walk the trail for days in some areas and not see anyone.

On this particular August morning, I had left the house about 6:00 AM. It had been a warm night and the air was calm. I like to walk quietly through the woods hoping to see some of the fauna of the area. Moving along the side of the stream, stepping from rock to rock, I noticed some orange up ahead and realized it was a tent pitched in the woods about 60 yards from the stream on the other side. I moved away from the shore and stayed quiet so as not to disturb the campers. A little further down the stream I heard some laughter. I was at the top of what I knew to be a short waterfall of about 8 feet high with a small pool at the bottom. I moved quietly through the woods until I peeked around a tree and I was greeted with the most wonderful sight I had seen in my fourteen years on earth. Not 15 yards away, two beautiful young women were washing in the stream. I had to make myself start breathing again as I stared at their nude forms.

I lowered myself to the ground quietly. Lying there on a hill slightly above them, I could see these two sirens sitting on large rocks at the side of the pool washing with the cold water and giggling as they splashed each other. The young blonde on the far side stood up and I could see the golden tuft of hair surrounded by her white skin. Her nipples were hard on her small breast and I was surprised at how they stuck out as she turned sideways and I got their profile. The sun was just rising over the hill and I could see silver drops of water sliding down her skin. The other girl had her back to me and her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders. She turned and reached for her clothes. I could see that her breasts large and her nipples erect. As she stood up, she turned slightly towards me and I saw the triangle of her thick dark hair. She turned and walked away toward the other girl and I sensed that she was the older and more mature of the two.

I watched them dry themselves and dress. As I lay there taking in their beauty, I matured a bit it my appreciation of the female form. They walked away, up to their camp. I moved slowly down the stream and went on to the diner. I arrived much later than I normally did on Saturday morning and was harassed by my friends for sleeping in when I should have been wasting time with them. I decided not to tell them of the experience. Partly because I wasn't sure they would believe me, but mostly because I thought the experience would be cheapened by them. It was a wonderful experience and I wanted to keep the memory of those two beautiful girls unsoiled by the lewd comments of my friends.

Fireside Chessplayer

Thanks for the nice letter, FC, this is what beauty is made of. Your membership is on the way.

Well, subscription numbers to this newsletter has been booming recently, and we can feel it. I think it was only half a year ago I missed one week entirely, and hardly anybody noticed (it seemed). But now I can't be an hour late before people start mailing me, fearing they have been dropped off the list accidentally. It is nice you like it. :)

See you next week. :)


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