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Item: We have just put up a Donate page.
People have been asking about it, and we are only too happy to comply. This is for people who wish to support our cause, but not necessarily to get a membership, or for members who wish to give more.

Item: The site has just been redesigned all over. New logo, buttons, and background. Tell us how it strikes you.

Yours, Eolake

Letter of the week:


I am a middle-aged gentleman from England. Up until a week ago I thought I would never see a young naked body again (except on DOMAI of course!). However, something happened a week ago, which changed my outlook on life.

I visited a local fairground, which had arrived in town together with a group of travellers. I soon became bored, so I decided to have a walk around the back of some of the tents.

As I walked around the back of one tent, I was alerted to the presence of a young female. I immediately stopped so that she would not see me. This young thing was unbuttoning her blouse, seemingly preparing to use the open-air shower that stood next to her. At first I felt guilty that I had intruded upon the privacy of this beautiful youngster. However, I could not move away, so I stood and watched.

She was completely unaware of my presence as she undressed down to her bra and panties. She glanced around her, and, still not spotting me, proceeded to disrobe completely. I could not believe how perfect her naked body was.

Just then she turned the shower on and walked under the water. She seemed delighted with the feeling of the water on her naked body, I'm sure I could spot goose bumps appearing on her perfectly formed breasts!

At that moment I became over excited and stumbled over a log on the ground. As the log snapped she looked around, clasping her hands over her breasts. Although I'm sure she saw me, she soon became relaxed, and again started to enjoy the water on her slim body.

I watched for a full two minutes as she soaped herself under the cool water. Soon I had to leave, but I will never forget the privilege of seeing a beautiful young girl entirely as nature intended!

C Jones

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"I have been a member for less than two weeks so I haven't had the opportunity to see all the photosets in the members section yet but I must say that I am totally impressed with those I have seen so far! The reason for writing is simply to say many thanks for a superb service." - Keith Whitmore <>

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