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Letter of the week

"The water was only just above her navel..."


A local phenomenon here in New England is a community of dancers all turning and spinning to small local bands playing jigs and reels, in what we call a contra dance. The beauty of contra dancing is that all ages participate and young adults can be just as fun to dance with as the more mature ladies, though for slightly different reasons. The young women have spunk and a flirtatious manner about them that makes them a joy to dance with, they love spinning and twirling, adding all the flares to the patterns of the dance. Their eyes sparkle and sometimes their smiles will light up my day.

In summer when the nights are hot and the dancing sweaty, there is a little known geographical feature that is mere minutes away from the grange. During the 15-20 minute break in the middle of the evening some members of the community will go down to this feature and take a cool refreshing dip in the navel high waters of the fresh mountain stream. This is strictly a nude bathing zone.

One night in particular from this summer stands out in my memory. It was the first Saturday of July, and a particularly warm evening. After finishing a wonderful waltz with one of my favorite partners the group of us sensible enough to really cool off during the break including this woman in particular proceeded down to our spot. Jocelyn had never come to the river before, and hadn't yet spent a summer dancing. I mentioned the joy of the crisp water as a necessary part of the evening and she surprised me by readily agreeing to join us.

After parking on the side of the road, the short walk through the woods is dark, but it opens out onto a small sand beach with a stonewall dividing the two terrains. A stonewall perfectly convenient for throwing clothes onto once discarded. And because the actual stream is open to the night air, moonlight will pour in if available, casting shadows on the beach and people. Tonight was one of these nights.

Jocelyn is 28 and a creature of beauty. She has a hard sculpted body that only an athlete can have. All of her features have the soft curves that are intrinsically feminine and with a full-bodied maturity unattainable to someone 10 years younger, the soft skin, the curving hips, all with hints of muscle beneath. The other people around me preparing for the cold embrace disappeared as I watched her undress. The moon accented and shadowed the curve of her breasts and thighs. Her eyes met mine for a second; she turned on that smile of hers and trotted down to the water, diving in. I followed a few steps behind once I restarted my heart and joined the rest of the crowd already in the water. During the free socializing that goes on in the water her and I were in a large circle of people chatting with other friends, uninhibited in the moonlight. The water was only just above her navel, affording a wonderful view of her nearly perfect upper body. Her hair, now wet, just touched her shoulders, the goose bumps rose on her skin, and the nipples on her perfect breasts tightened into dark rings. The goddess stood there and squeezed the water from her hair causing silver drops to trace down her form, and caused my heart to stop beating for the second time that night.

Jocelyn made me appreciate the beauty of women older than myself. At 20 years of age and a junior in college, I am constantly bombarded with lewd jokes about young girls, and innuendo that younger is better in the dating game. Jocelyn showed me that there is an added element of beauty that only maturity can bring. Attractiveness that self-confidence and the experienced ability to flirt brings that no eighteen year old can have. I've had a different outlook on life and beauty ever since. I still see her on the dance floor quite often, but that night will stick in my memory for years to come.

Moonlight Dancer

Thank you, MD. Yes, a "Pretty Young Girl" can indeed be any age. Your membership is on the way.

I am just watching the 1993 film The Pickle. The film itself is only all right, but young french actress Clotilde Courau will take your breath away. Gorgeous face, and sexy, and full of the special kind of elan vital that only young girls can have, never the same mood two minutes in a row.

See you next week. :)


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