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Letter of the week, from Sara:

" look at a girl who has not yet been corrupted by all of this, to see her stripped naked, not because she has to be, but because she is too free to care, this is wonderful."


It is difficult for many men to understand why a woman, unless she is by nature attracted to other women, is interested in looking at a site like DOMAI and much less at other woman at all. In truth many women I've met are interested in the shape and form of other women, and often just don't want others to know. Secretly, we enjoy a great amount of pleasure in viewing other women in every activity, but most especially beautiful women, and pretty young girls. The reasons for this are more than I could explain in this space, but I will attempt some.

As a woman it is comforting to look at women stripped bare of all pretense and see them captured for just a second as they truly are. To be able to peer through all the falseness that is often imposed upon our sex and to look for just a second at a woman free of all that conformity, free to express herself, is such a joy. Often women are forced to clothe themselves in the confines of social norms and it is difficult to see through it. Look for example at women in many countries who must forever cover themselves from the sight of others. Or, women who spend their entire lives under makeup, in confining clothing, styled and primped to match the times. There is in this a great deal of unnaturalness. However, to look at a young girl who has not yet been corrupted by all of this, to see her stripped naked, not because she has to be, but because she is too free to care, this is wonderful. To see such simple disregard of the social mores and styles, that we as women are often forced to accept, becomes liberating.

For my soul, it heals me of all the wrongs I've received and given, it gives me a chance to capture my innocence. This is very personal to my own experience. So many times I found myself on the receiving end of unkind treatment, or on the giving end of the same, that there is not often a space in which I can find peace to escape from this woman I have become. I want so much to not know the things I've known, to not feel the things I've felt, to not have hurt the ones I've hurt. When I look at a beautiful young girl, an innocent child, or a beautifully posed woman, I can see myself as I once was, and be that way again. It is often said that virginity is a state of mind... every time I see a beautiful girl I can become again for that time a virgin, innocent and simple, and this reality moves me enough to seek it over and over again.

As a lover it allows me to appreciate what's been wrought and what I can achieve. To love a beautiful woman is the greatest gift you can ever have. For a beautiful woman is so much more than just a body, but she is a soul so gentle and forgiving that she never hates you. She is a spirit so kind she never judges you. She is a woman of such integrity she will never hold you back from your potential. She is both that which I seek to love and that which I seek to be.

As an artist it inspires me. For this, I feel there is no explanation.

Yours, Sara

Thanks you, Sara. I can add nothing to that.
You can send comments to Sara, and I will forward them to her.

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Eolake Stobblehouse

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"Every time I find myself back at DOMAI I remember why i love it so much and why I am subscribing." - Sara Davila <saradevil[at]>


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