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Letter of the week, from April:

"I then took off my bikini bottom and lay there barely breathing"


The day was hot and my boyfriend and I were on the beach at Littlehampton in West Sussex. There are lots of dunes and we were hidden from view of most of the other people on the beach.

I was wearing a bikini and thought about going topless as I had noticed on our way through the dunes many other girls both topless and nude. I am normally quite shy about anyone seeing me undressed but as things turned out today was a day never to be forgotten.

My boyfriend had gone for a swim and I was just lazing reading a magazine and sunbathing. A shadow crossed my magazine and I looked up to see a couple in their 50s settling down in an area quite close to us. As it was dunes, once they were settled I could not see them again.

I carried on sunbathing and then noticed the woman going for a swim and also felt that strange feeling when you know someone is watching you. I glanced up and saw the man looking at me from where he had sat up, it felt strange that someone was openly looking at me and I felt sensuous that another man was appreciating me publicly. I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back at me, looking him straight in the eye I took off my bikini top and saw the widening of his eyes as he looked at my naked breasts. I lay down on my back and felt warm inside at the thought of a man I did not know seeing me in a state of undress that only my boyfriend had ever seen before.

I then took off my bikini bottom and lay there barely breathing myself knowing he could now see everything, it must have been a very short period but to me it seemed like hours in which I turned several times to allow him an unrestricted view of my entire body. I knew my boyfriend would not be long before he was back and it was with a heavy heart that i sat up and put my bikini back on.

I looked at the guy smiled and he smiled back at me and mouthed a silent thank you. I dont know what came over me that day as I had never done anything like it before and have never done so since, it just felt right that I should allow him to see me and I still remember his face to this day and his smile when he mouthed that thank you. Maybe he visits your site and he may even have submitted his account of that hot summers day in Littlehampton's on the west beach.


Thanks for the nice letter, April. You have won a membership.
We always love to hear from girls, and we have more great letters coming up.

Have you guys seen Almost Famous? Kate Hudson in that film must be one of the most attractive and luminous females on the planet. Hooo boy.


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