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Yesterday I was sitting in my favorite cafe, and a young couple comes in. I had previously noticed them because they were both good looking people. They sit with me and the owner, and it turns out that the guy has written a book they are talking about. It also turns out that they are well educated and interested in many of the thing that I am (Science Fiction, philosophy, spiritual things). It is a slow day, so the owner challenges the guy to a game of pinball. I did not mind chatting alone with the girl, she was very nice. And it turned out that I could recommend several web sites that could help them in their projects.

Now, more customers arrived, and the owner suddenly had to try to serve them while not losing track in their pinball game. The girl was an even older customer than I, (She said she was 31, but looked ten years younger) so she had found me some coffee while the owner was indisposed, but it was not too hot, so I yelled that while he was now making a cafe au lait, I would appreciate one as well. He said half jokingly that I should have said so a bit earlier, so that he could have made two at once. Well, I simply replied that I could not be expected to pay attention to such minor details while sitting there chatting with a Pretty Girl. He could not say anything to that.

Eolake Stobblehouse

PS: If you hear of news in the world of relevance (Pretty Young Girls, nudity), do tell me about it. I don't follow the news, too many lies in there. Oh, and I mostly want to hear good news. This is not the nine o'clock news.


Letter of the week, from Chuck:

"Walking toward me were 12 beautiful young women. Some had towels around their shoulders; some had towels around their waists; and the rest were completely nude."


There are many reasons why I feel fortunate to live in California. The two reasons that relate to this story are the many beautiful girls here, and the free spirit that permeates everyday life. One great example of that free spirit is a clothing-optional retreat right in the middle of town. This place is an oasis of relaxation – with hot tubs, saunas, and massage tables, all set outdoors in a beautiful Japanese garden. There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking for an hour or two, then indulging in a 90-minute massage.

One Friday night, just before sunset, I was soaking by myself in the hot tub, when I heard light and carefree giggles from across the lawn. I opened my eyes, and my heart leapt into my throat. Walking toward me were 12 beautiful young women. Some had towels around their shoulders; some had towels around their waists; and the rest were completely nude. They had just come from the shower, so water glistened on their naked skin. Chatting quietly among themselves; I watched, while trying not to stare, as they continued their walk toward me.

One by one they climbed the steps up to the tub and hung their towels on the rack. It’s somewhat awkward stepping from the deck into the tub – not knowing how deep it is or where the steps are – so, being the gracious young man that I am, I stood up and offered my hand to those who wanted it. I was rewarded with some dazzling smiles, some “Thank You’s,” and some wonderful close-up views of their beautiful naked forms, as they climbed in.

Once they were all seated in the tub, I gave some thought to leaving them by themselves. After all, they were there to relax – not to feed a DOM’s fantasy. But, they acted completely unselfconscious and unconcerned by my presence, so I stayed. I couldn’t help but overhear their quiet conversation, so I learned they were all students at the local University – taking a class together in Womens’ Studies. They had become quite close; sharing their concerns, feelings, and emotions during class every day. So, when one of them had suggested a communal hot tub, they all agreed.

As the sun completed its descent, discreet lights began to illuminate the area with an iridescent glow as it reflected off the water. Shadows and sparkles danced around on glistening wet skin. When darkness arrived, one of the young ladies started singing, and soon, the others joined in. Apparently, one of the topics they had studied in class was American Indian spirituals. So, for about a half hour, they serenaded me with what they had learned. Then, the event that remains totally burned into my memory occurred. One of the girls stood up, and started singing “Amazing Grace.” The others stood as well, and a beautiful choir of angels suddenly surrounded me! I looked at them in awe, their naked breasts dripping with water as they gently swayed in time to the music. Their two-part harmony was so beautiful; I was reluctant to break the spell. But, I couldn’t help myself – I quietly added my baritone voice to the already soaring sounds of their young female voices. Encouraged by their nods and smiles, I stood also, and enthusiastically joined in the final verse. With the final notes hanging in the air, an incredible hush fell over the entire group. Then slowly, two-by-two, we started hugging each other! Long, slow, emotion-filled hugs – we all felt connected to something special that had just happened.

I’ve been back to that retreat many times since that Friday night, but I’ve never had such an experience again. But, that’s OK. The memory lives on! And every once in awhile, while I’m soaking in the tub, I remember it and smile.


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