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[A magazine has written a really nice piece about my activities, which is pleasing.]

It is funny, about women looking at women. Once I was on a bus, and there was an androgynous person slightly ahead of me. I was trying to decide whether it was a man or a woman. Then a pretty woman entered the bus, and I thought: "if the person looks at her, then it is a woman." And she did look, and then I could see on her hands that she was indeed a woman.

Girls look at girls at least as much as men do. Admittedly some of this will likely be "checking out the competition", but I am sure that much of it is simply the enjoyment of beauty for beauty's sake.

Eolake Stobblehouse


Letter of the week, from Joe:

"She was not wearing any underclothes and the shorts and tank top were off before I could draw in a breath."


Let me share my encounter with a beauty. In the spring I like to turkey hunt in the woods behind my house. It is a large tract of land on a hillside that has a brook running through the middle of the property. When I hunt I wear camouflage clothing and I know from experience that is it hard to see me if you don't move.

Most spring days it is not too hot but this year one Friday morning it was very hot and muggy. So much so I almost did not go hunting at all. I did however and after calling to some birds to no avail for a few hours I sat myself down by the brook because the flow of water sent a slight cooling breeze down past me. I was sitting there when I heard walking and I did not know what it was at first. It was coming from up the hill and my view was obstructed. when I finally caught sight of the girl that was walking down the hill I recognized her as one of my neighbors' daughter. I had not seen her as she had gone off to college recently.

She did not notice me as I sat about 20 feet from the stream with my back to a large tree, so I did not make my presence known as I thought she was only going to keep walking downhill and I would continue hunting. To my surprise she stopped about 20 yards from me down the hill by a small pool in the brook. What she did next floored me. As it was hot even in the woods she quickly shed her clothes. she was not wearing any underclothes and the shorts and tank top were off before I could draw in a breath.

She turned to face me and stepped into the brook which was up to her ankles. She bent down to cup her hands and fill them with water and proceeded to pour the water over her head. The water ran down her body and she shivered. She proceeded to rub the cool water over her entire body which only made her skin glisten. Her nudity was in stark contrast to the green of the surrounding woods but it did not seem out of place. Her skin was smooth and taut. Her breasts were small but perfect size for her body.

I was awed by her beauty as I had never looked at this girl in this way, but her being naked in front of me with no shame or desire to cover up made me see her as a woman and differently than I had ever seen her before.She was doing something that was purely to cool herself off and she looked so innocent while she was totally unaware of my presence. She looked radiant as she stood and stepped onto the shore and used her shirt to dry just her face. She then spread her clothes out on the ground and sat on them like you would a towel at the beach. If I had a camera the pictures would have been sensuous and much like the ones I see on your site. In fact that is what I thought of as the light filtering through the trees hit and reflected off her body.

She sat there for what seemed like an eternity but was only 10 - 15 minutes, then she abruptly got up and quickly put on her shorts, shirt and sneakers and continued her trip downhill. As she disappeared out of sight I found a new appreciation of the feminine beauty. The innocence of the moment with the image of the girl was breathtaking. I will not soon forget that day of turkey hunting even though I did not see anything in the woods that day but the young lady.

Joe U

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nude pics

nude pics

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