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Occasionally (not often) I am written to by members (not non-members, funny enough), who protest against a specific girl and what she has done to her body. Some are adamantly agains piercings. Some protest against a tatoo. Some imagine to see breast implants. And most often, a protest against the Unnaturalness of body-shaving. They ask, how can I possibly support something like that?

Well, my position is very simple: if it ruins the aesthetics in my opinion, I don't care for it and I won't use it. If it is in moderation, and I don't feel it ruins the looks of the girl, I don't give a hoot. A girl is free to do what she likes with her body.

We are a very liberal bunch here at DOMAI. We are not in any crusade to get the world to do what we want. We only want to share the beauty we find, and we hope to open the eyes of many people to the beauty of woman. That is all.

There are many things wrong with the world, god knows. And there are many battles worth fighting. Some people are natural fighters, they enjoy a good battle, and they often win. More power to them, but I am not one of them. I find that being productive with communication, art, and beauty is what works for me, and that is what I do to change the world.

Eolake Stobblehouse


Letter of the week, from Sam:

"I conveniently & 'accidentally' left the Domai BoD page up and on the screen for him to see..."


I am a young man who is a diligent, adamant supporter of DOMAI and the ethics of which it is founded. I believe has changed my life in a way no other thing could.

Being a computer "geek" if you will, I know my way around 'our' PC, 'our' being my familie's. A few days back I encountered a trail left by my father of his journeys on the Web and was shocked to discover my own father, a man whom I have looked up to for support, comfort, advise, and everything else father's give, was 'addicted' to pornography. And by pornography I mean the XXX smut garbage that defaces, degrades, and diminishes the women of their innocence, their grace and perfection, and their beauty.

Well, after thinking hard about how to handle such a discovery I realized my father just wasn't aware of the great things available on the Internet and all the beauty and perfection he just didn't know was available for him to grasp! So, three days ago in the morning, carrying out my ritual of visiting the Beauty of the Day, and decided I needed to take a shower. I heard my father in the kitchen getting his coffee and so I left the room to shower. I conveniently & "accidentally" left the Domai BoD page up and on the screen for him to see for I knew he would be right in here to check his mail.

After my shower I dressed and went into the kitchen to find my stepmother and my father at the table with breakfast prepared and ready for us to eat. I sat down and neither of us said anything about what I had left on the screen. As we were eating, though, I looked up and caught his eye and he winked at me and mouthed "Good Lad" silently so as not to disclose the situation. I then waited to see if he was going to talk with me about it, but has yet to. I think that what I have shared with him is something that needs not be spoken, it is understood. He has been awakened to what the female body is meant to be.

Now three days later, I again have checked his Web Trail only to find links and sites belonging to I am sure he has been up and down the pages of DOMAI learning and enlightening himself to the views of us Real Men who appreciate women and their existence, us DOMs. The battle with all is not yet won, of course, but now there is one less man in the snare of smut and a father and son silently embracing and bonding with the wonders of DOMAI. ~ Sam

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nude pics

nude pics

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