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We feature two letters this week, one is a cute story of beauty, and the other is relevant to our discussion last week about "naturalness", which has drawn a lot of letters. I am particularly happy about this second letter, because it is always a victory for the human spirit when we find and cure an irrational reason for our thinking, and even more remarkable when we did not even know there was anything irrational about it. Which is probably the norm!

Eolake Stobblehouse


Letter of the week, from E.M.:

"They were posing on top of the boulder pretending to be various statues, making faces, and taking pictures of each other, and they were totally nude."


I have just recently discovered your site, and I'm happy to say I think I've found what I've been looking for. I am so tired of looking for natural beauty online only to find nothing but hard core pornography. Your site is such a refreshing change from all that, and I thank you.

I was reading some of the letters you have and started thinking back to a time when I had my first experience with real beauty. My dad used to take us camping a lot, and I recall one experience that made me look forward to our camping trips. We had a favorite place that we always went to. It was deep in the woods with a large creek running through it. I was about 15 or so, and I had a favorite swimming place a little ways up from the campsite where there was a large boulder sticking up out of the water that was perfect for diving. I thought no one else knew about it, but on this particular occasion, I was happy to find out how wrong I was.

I had taken my towel and headed up the creek bank toward my favorite spot, when I heard giggling up ahead. I stopped and listened for a moment and then slowly looked around the bushes at the bend in the creek. To my surprise there were two beautiful young girls there about my age, and looking closer, they appeared to be twins. They were posing on top of the boulder pretending to be various statues, making faces, and taking pictures of each other, and they were totally nude.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I finally realized that I had stopped breathing, and when I did take a breath, they heard me and looked over my way. I froze. I don't know if it was fear or surprise, but I quickly warmed up when they both smiled and waved me over. I had never seen smiles like that before. They appeared to be completely comfortable with their bodies and made no effort to try to hide them.

As I said before, they were twins. They were both slender and athletic looking, with small round breasts and long beautiful legs. The one thing I remember is their smooth, tan skin, with no tan lines. You could tell they spent a lot of time outdoors in the nude. They had what I would call that perfect PYG body. The kind that makes you nearly lose control of your car taking a second look. They both had dark brown hair. The only difference was that Mary’s was down to her waistline and Sarah’s was just below her shoulders. (Actually, I think that's the only way anyone could tell them apart.)

I went over and we introduced ourselves and talked a bit. I found out that they were on their school swim team and they sometimes came there to practice. I was introduced to the unforgettable pleasure of skinny dipping that day, and I am still an avid skinny dipper to this day. We swam and dived and talked and laughed and generelly just had a lot of fun.

That time will always be clear in my memory, and I always look for the perfect spot to go swimming when I go camping.

Yours truly,
E.M. Smith

Second letter of the week, from Marc:

"I have been able to bring back that old association, analize it, realize it's absurdity, deal with it..."


Since our last exchange on the shaved/unshaven topic, I have been doing some thinking.

As I told you, I have in the past been totally against women shaving - especially their pubic hair - being more a fan of the 'natural' look.

Over the last couple of days, I have gone back over the archives in the Member's section - comparing the shaved and unshaven.

I also thought back on my days in Southeast Asia, where the young women, for the most part, have very little or no pubic hair. I thought they were beautiful - but for some reason, I felt "naughty" when I looked at their beautiful hairless bodies. While looking at the shaved young women and recalling the Southeast Asian women, an experience from my past resurfaced and offered a good explanation for my feelings.

I recalled a fateful day in my childhood when I was 'caught' with two of the neighbor girls. I was eight years old and the girls were the same age. We were just being curious children - checking each other out; but the adult who caught us immediately called me a "naughty little boy" and shamed the girls unmercifully calling them names and sending them home crying. I was 'delivered' to my parents and they were informed of my 'naughty behavior'. I was in Big Trouble.

Without realizing it, I made an association. These girls had not yet started to grow their pubic hair and I made the association of hairless parts and 'being in trouble' - I've carried that association around in my subconscious all these many years... The Vietnamese women reminded me of my earlier 'trouble' and it took awhile for me to be able to feel comfortable with them.

Thanks to your pages, I have been able to bring back that old association, analize it, realize it's absurdity, deal with it - and now I am freed of this old 'problem' and I can view ALL women as the beautiful creatures they are.

I still feel that we should live 'naturally' - and that doesn't include shaving - but at least now I can enjoy ALL the Pretty Young Girls at DOMAI.

Thank you!


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