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This week I have seen three movies which had heavy use of computer graphics: Jurassic Park III, Final Fantasy, and Monsters Inc. The first two had amazing graphics. The third one has amazing graphics and a wonderful story.

These films should make it clear that we are very near the day when we won't be able to tell whether an actor in a film has been created in a womb or in a computer.

Some of that will surely be porn. 99% of that will surely be as trivial (or awful) as 99% of present porn. But perhaps some of it will make a dent in this odd situation we have, that Hollywood is not using one of the greatest resources it has: thousands of the prettiest women in the world. Particularly in the nude state, they are underused in the extreme. Perhaps the reason is that a young actress appearing nude is quickly stamped as sluts by the hierarchy of complete assholes who run rampant in places like Hollywood, meaning that a) they can forget about getting any serious roles thereafter, and b) even more than before, they are expected to have sex with people who have the power.

But a digital character has no reputation to lose. And I think that a beautiful body, while not easy to create, is yet easier than great character acting.

And perhaps after the world gets more used to seeing beautiful nude girls indistinquishable from real people on screen, nudity will no longer be so unfamiliar, and another taboo will bite the dust. Weirder things have happened.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Doc:

"She began to undress, snapping her tee shirt over her head, seemingly unaware of my presence."


At one time, I found myself the owner of a one truck trucking company. My contract called for a weekly delivery of LP records from the Midwest to Los Angeles with a second contract to bring fresh produce back from California. Making the weekly 5,200-mile trip alone is illegal and does take a lot of fun out of life. Departure was on Saturday afternoon with delivery in L.A. on Monday morning, reloading on Monday afternoon, and delivering on Wednesday night.

Advertising for a co-driver, I interviewed several. One applicant was a very beautiful, slim and well-toned 25-year-old single female. At the interview, she dressed in a professional type business suit and spoke in a well-educated and professional manner. She wanted to be a truck driver but had no experience and nobody would give her a chance to learn. Taking a chance, I hired her, trained her, and paid her well to drive while I rested in the truck's walk-in double bunk sleeper.

A firm and in-depth discussion between us took place before she was hired. This was to be an employer-employee relationship, strictly platonic in nature. She openly stated she preferred lesbian relationships anyway.

At first, she was nervous, as anyone would expect. She was learning to handle a seventy-foot long, 80,000-pound tractor-trailer while living five of every seven days in a 8 foot by 12 foot box on the back of a truck with a single guy. After the first few round trips, she settled down into the co-driver routine taking the wheel for four-hour stretches while I slept. Within a month, she became comfortable with our relationship, much more comfortable and more personal in our conversations. Hours together on the road and in truck stops saw us discuss everything from atomic theory to human sexual relations.

Truckers live a different life than most. They travel more miles in a year than most drive in a lifetime. The truck stop is the driver's home away from home. It is here the truck is fueled and serviced. Facilities include showers for the drivers, TV rooms, dining rooms, and often internet connections for the driver's notebook computer. The larger truck stops feature amenities not unlike the finest hotel rooms. The routine includes topping off the trucks fuel tanks, taking a shower (which is free if you buy fuel), eating and then back on the road. When hauling produce you are always a day late before you loaded it.

One a hot, sticky summer day, we stopped at one of the nation's finest truck stops in Idaho. A place so dedicated to serving truck drivers that staff escorts the drivers to a private shower larger than most hotel rooms. These shower rooms feature amenities such as shower, a Jacuzzi, commode, bidet, live plants, fresh flowers and even an aquarium. It was in this room that I viewed for the first time the nude body of my co-driver. A sight so breathtaking I have never forgotten.

The waiting list for a shower room that day was long, nearly a two-hour wait. While waiting we had went to the restaurant for dinner, and had spent most the time in casual conversation. We had, as was usual, placed our names on the waiting list separately. In time our names were called over the public address system stating our showers were ready. As we walked in that direction she said that we really did not need to take up two shower rooms when there were so many other drivers waiting. After I gave her "my look" of question, she stated that this did not mean anything other than we were two truck drivers that needed showers. We entered together and secured the door.

She began to undress snapping her tee shirt over her head, seeming unaware of my presence. Her nipples on her tiny bud-like breasts stood erect, her chest slightly flushed with color. In a flash, her she stepped out of her jeans and panties at the same time and stood naked in front of me, hesitating for just a moment, before entering the shower and pulling the door shut. Like a stumbling high-school kid, I stood there viewing that beautiful lady through the opaque shower doors, quite embarrassed by my manhood's normal reaction to being in the same room with such feminine beauty.

Turning to one of the double sinks, I began my ritual of shaving and brushing my teeth before showering while she occupied the shower. She exited the shower with a towel wrapped around her with nipples apparent and just a quick flash of pubic hair visible at the bottom. As she began her routine at the other sink I moved near the shower, quickly removed my underclothes and stepped into the shower, hoping she had not noticed the erection that would not cease. While showering I heard the Jacuzzi start and wondered if this moment was ever to end. Do you remember walking through your school's hallways holding a book in front of you to hide the results of your raging hormones? That is what I felt like.

Finally, I had no option but to finish the shower, so exited with a towel loosely draped around my waist, hoping it was not terribly visible. She sat there, naked, in the oversized Jacuzzi enjoying the massaging currents and motioned for me to join her. I tried to slip into the bubbling tub without removing the towel until the last possible moment, only to have her reach up and jerk it from my death grip. Half-standing in all my glory she just smiled and said; "There is nothing to be ashamed of; the human body is a work of art that is glorious." We relaxed and conversed for nearly half an hour in the hot whirling water before she stood to exit. By this time I had relaxed somewhat so followed her queue quickly. We dressed while chatting as if we were standing on a street corner.

During the next three years, we traveled over 780,000 miles, touring 49 states of America and five of the Canadian provinces. Nudity between us become as natural as breathing, yet never became a physical sexual experience. My amazement of her absolute beauty and freedom with her body never ceased. Many hours went by with her sitting in the passenger seat nude reading to me from one her classic novels as I steered the truck down the road.

As I write this, 25 years after I viewed that gorgeous young lady in that shower room, she stands her over my shoulder checking every word. Later tonight we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, and the birth of our first grandchild. My amazement of her beauty has grown every day. She still likes to take a second look at a pretty young girl, and doesn't mind if I do too.

Yours truly,

That is such a sweet story, thanks. Happy aniversary to you both. - Eolake

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