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Tuesday January 29
$8,000 Curtains Cover Semi-Nude Statues
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A cover-up at the U.S. Justice Department?
A Justice Department spokeswoman said on Monday about $8,000 has been spent for curtains to conceal two Art Deco aluminum statues of semi-nude figures in the building's Great Hall.
At one end of the stage is a 1930s era female statue representing the "Spirit of Justice." Though she wears a toga-style garment, one breast is exposed. At the other end of the stage, a male statue represents the "Majesty of Justice," and has a cloth draped by his waist.
Justice Department spokeswoman Barbara Comstock said the decision to install the curtains was made by Attorney General John Ashcroft's aide who handles advance work. "It was done for TV aesthetics," she said.
[...] A former Justice Department official e-mailed a copy of an article about the statues to colleagues, adding the caption, "homeland security?"
The most famous picture of the female statue came in the 1980s, when Attorney General Edwin Meese released the final report of his commission on pornography.

Need I add anything to that? I find that the most interesting thing is that in general people who want censorship of nudity are also often people who are very much into tradition and status quo, but when tradition works against them, for example when former generations could see nothing wrong with nude art, then they suddenly turn around fast.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters of the week, from Sam and UM:

"So I told her I was a member and she flipped out and was amazed at the small odds of finding someone else that knew about such an understated, wonderful site! I was amazed because I found a girl that was interested in the beauty of other nude girls!!"


I have received your newsletter for a few months now, and quite frankly, it's really rather entertaing to read the letters from people with the same weakness as myself, namely the overwhelming beauty of young girls of all kinds, sizes and colours. So mouch that I, when I occasionally come accross a particularly pretty specimen of the race, almost feel like crying.

I would like to tell you about the time when I first realized that there will never be any greater love for me that the love for these brighteyed, delicate young creatures on the brink of womanhood.

I was living in Copenhagen, Denmark at the time, it was in the late eighties, making a living as a balletdancer. From time to time I Photographed friends and collegues just for fun, though I didn't know an awful lot about it exept point and shoot. For this purpose I had just purchased a used SLR-camera, a 135mm lens and some rolls of film from a small backstreet photoshop, and was on my way home. As many times before, I went through and old graveyard which nowadays has become a recreational park where the busy city dwellers from time to time can relax and unwind or even sunbathe. The park is completely surrounded by a tall yellow wall and when one goes through one of the gates it's like entering a completely different world. All the noises from traffic and people disappears, and one wanders amidst tall trees and dense bushes, green lawns and old graves.

As I was strolling along looking for suitable objects to shoot I just turned around a corner and litterally stumbled over Three girls who were laying side by side on their bellies, stripped down to their knickers, just basking in the sun. They couldn't have been more than sixteen or seventeen years old. One was a petite, slightly chubby brunette with hazelnut eyes, the two others were taller and slimmer with blondish hair and blue eyes. We were all startled by this sudden "collision" and the camera fell out of my hand as I tried to avoid stepping on them. Quite Embarrassed I stuttered an apology and promised to watch where I was going the next time. As I bent down to pick up the camera which had landed right on the cute behind of the wee brunette in the middle and thus hadn't been damaged at all, she handed it to me and said with the sweetest smile: "Why don't you just ask if you can photograph us. You don't have to wreck your camera just to get in touch with us!"

They obviously thought that I had done it on purpose, and there wasn't much I could say to convince them otherwise. Nevertheless, they were laughing and the situation was rather funny, so instead of coming up with all kinds of stupid excuses I pointed the camera at them, and behold - they automatically started posing in rather silly and at times even burlesque positions, all giggly and shrieking. Needless to say I became more and more fascinated with these delightful young teens as they were fooling around amongst each other in the grass. They were completely unashamed by their nudity and before I knew it I'd shot my three rolls of film. The situation returned to normal and I promised to be back at the same time the next week to show them the pictures. Now if this was a fairytale then the pictures would have been perfect and I would have met the girls again, and they might even have agreed to pose some more, but alas, the aperture mechanism on the lense I'd used didn't work properly. Every single shot was blurred and unfit to be shown.

I never turned up at the park. Actually I've never been there since. I was too embarrassed to show them the result. But till this day I remember the joy in their faces. Their laughter ring in my ears like little silverbells. The beauty and natural sensuality of their tender bodies with only their most private parts covered by tiny knickers has followed me ever since. When ever I see a sweet young girl in a shop, on TV or in the weekly newsletters from DOMAI I remember this episode at the old graveyard in the center of Copenhagen. I've ceased feeling bad about it a long time ago, it's just one of those things that happen.

Yours truly, Ursus Major

Dear Eolake,
I must say, I never believed my parents when they would tell me that High School is the most memorable time of my life, but I do now! High school has turned out just as they have proclaimed... fun, relatively easy, and packed with girls! This particular girl, though, stands out to me in the sea of beautiful young girls like a beacon in a storm! MAN, is she beautiful!

Now I must also add that I am fortunate enough to not just be a distant admirer, but that I also get to appreciate her physical and personal beauty as her boyfriend. (I wish I had a scanner 'cause I KNOW she would be a Beauty of the Day)!

See, the cool thing is, is that we met in my Advanced Photography class, and one particular day that I shall never forget we started talking about nude photography! Imagine that! I was too skeptical (maybe even ashamed if you will) to tell her that I was a member of such a classy establishment as, but the cool part of the whole story is that SHE mentioned it to ME!! WOW! She told me that she LOVED to look at the girls on the site, but that she never had become a member. This was the opportunity I wanted! So I told her I was a member and she flipped out and was amazed at the small odds of finding someone else that knew about such an understated, wonderful site! I was amazed because I found a girl that was interested in the beauty of other nude girls!!

So, as our relationship developed, we started getting ourselves into nude photography. It is such a bigger field (photography in general) than I thought it was! There is just so much to learn! Needless to say, VERY quickly after we became close enough to feel comfortable with nude photography we started going out... this was back in the middle of September and now we are very close and intimate with eachother. As much as she would be honored to have her picture posted on the Beauty of the Day, I don't think her parents would be too happy... if by any wild chance her father visits... now I know I'm being pessimistic here, but it's for the best I suppose... we'll talk it over and believe me you will be the first I inform when she gives me the okay to send some pics to you!

I don't know what it is about black and white photography... how her gorgeous eyes catch every ray of radiant light... how the shadows caress her (and I mean ABSOLUTELY) perfect breasts and the shades of grey smother her delicate nipples... how her sculpted stomach and thighs display the light so mystically and how her tuft of pubic hair captures so curious an eye! Only her, me, a few other girls I also photograph and the clerk at the 1 hour photo I sometimes use when I don't develop my own get to see such a beautiful thing as my girl. Who knows? Maybe she'll have all of her own page some day on your magnificent site!?! I'm pretty sure my fellow DOM's wouldn't mind TOO much!


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