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Two letters of the week, from KS and Kios:

"...her small breasts and tight body glistened with each raindrop as it fell on her."


As we approach the cooler months of the year in the northeastern states, I think back to a time in December when I was a young, carefree college student wandering the streets downtown where I attended school.

It was one of the rare times where a fresh snowfall had yet to turn brown from many footsteps and plowings, so the trees and building architecture were white and glowing in the streetlights, with a tree here and there twinkling with christmas lights. As I walked through the streets with no particular destination in mind, I saw few of the other people taking notice of their surroundings, most of them with their heads down watching feet and little else, probably afraid they might make eye contact with a stranger. Which was unfortunate for them as they missed what I didn't.

Most of the store fronts on the street had apartments above them, and some were decorated to celebrate the christmas season. One in particular had a heavenly vision, that of a young female watching the people passing below. Having just showered and having no apparent worries about who was watching, she was a shimmering beauty wearing nothing but a wistful look and a towel around her waist, hair and skin glistening in the dim apartment light. I tried to act inconspicuous but she had already spotted me on the sidewalk below. However, she did not move from the window either. I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, but no one was looking up. I turned back to the window smiled, nodded, and then continued down the street as it would be rather impolite to stare.

On my way back, the window was lit, but she had moved away. The rest of my college career, she never made another appearance, and looking back, I can't really say if she made a first appearance, or if I created a mental christmas wish in my wanderings. In any case, whenever I passed the window in the days that followed, I couldn't help but smile.

- KS

It was in Okinawa
, where I was stationed.  I was a few days away from flying home on leave, when a few of my buddies decided to take me out on the town. We went from bar to bar, having a good time, and next thing we knew, it was 5 AM. As I staggered home, it began to rain.

I cursed my horrible luck, as I was a mile or so from my house, and in no condition to drive. I ducked quickly into a nearby alleyway, hoping for cover. As I lost myself in the narrow alleyways between the buildings, I noticed a movement to my left. To my surprise, it was a nude young Japanese girl showering under a rainspout.

She had just began lathering herself when she spotted me. At first she was startled, but a reassuring smile and a friendly wave from me, and she continued on as if nothing had happened. I watched as she washed herself; her small breasts and tight body glistened with each raindrop as it fell on her. She must have been only a few minutes, but I felt as if she were there for hours. Unfortunately, she finished up, wrapping herself in a pink robe and waving goodbye as she stepped into her house. Everytime it rains now, I flashback to that encounter.

- Kios

Thanks for the letters, KS and Kios. (Your memberships are on the way.) Those little glimpses can make all the difference. If only the pretty young girls knew how much they mean. But they usually have very low self-esteem, because young people are generally treated like second rate citizens, or worse. The world would be a much better place in two generations if they were treated just like people.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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"I just want to say that I never fail to be amazed by the undeniable and breathtaking beauty of a woman! Pivotal to this is the fact that DOMAI is the crystal-clear glass through which the unspeakable beauty of a woman is made known." - Greg D

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