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I was at a cafe today with a girl friend. The cafe was unusually conscientious with the quality of the coffee, which I like. Quality is important. They used a thermometer when heating the milk and everything. The girl who made my coffee was very pretty. She had that delicate, casual beauty that some photo models had in the sixties, and she was sort of dressed like it too. So I asked her if the "flower power" look was on purpose. She said it wasn't, she just let her hair and clothes fall where they may, as it were. I realized that this actually was where the sixties "style" came from, it was an opposite reaction to the elaborate carefulness of the fifties.

Funny though that you have to have an awful lot of innate style and beauty to really be able to pull off being very careless.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Richard:

"She was incredibly beautiful as she stood fully nude in the outdoors for the first time in her life"


This past summer, I attended a Musicfest at a clothing-optional resort as I have done for many years. Since this concert attracts many hundreds of visitors who have never experienced nude recreation, it always interesting to observe these visitors as they immerse themselves in this new and unfamiliar setting. Since the resort and campground are clothing-optional and nudity is not required in most places, many visitors choose to remain dressed at the concert site, campgrounds, and food venues. Skinny-dipping is expected at all of the indoor and outdoor swimming facilities at this resort, however, and each year I have enjoyed watching as many couples, family members, and groups of single college men and women take the plunge. These people often appear nervous or uncertain the first time that they find the courage to undress and shower in a co-ed locker room and swim nude in a mixed public setting, but with few exceptions, they all find the experience to be exhilarating and very enjoyable.

I met such a woman this past summer at the concert. I first saw Lisa sitting on the sandy beach near the swimming lagoon. She looked gorgeous in a bright red bikini, and I was pleased when she invited me to join her. I asked her why she was wearing a swimsuit when everyone around her was swimming or sunbathing in the nude. She told me that she was a college senior at a nearby university covering the event for her school newspaper and that she was not really sure she was ready to parade around in her birthday suit. She told me that she had planned to go swimming earlier that day at the indoor pool, but that she was surprised to find a co-ed locker room, communal showers, and a pool full of nude men and women. She said it looked like great fun, but since she was not ready to get naked in public, she decided to sit by the lake to work on her story.

I had a sense that Lisa was looking to find the courage to join the other skinny-dippers in the lake, but it was clear that she was too nervous to strip in front of so many people. To help ease her anxieties, I suggested that she join me in the mud pit near the beach. I could see that there was no one over there at the moment, and she agreed to walk over to take a look. She laughed when I oozed into the cool mud that had a smooth, pudding-like consistency. I invited her to join me but I warned her that the mud would probably ruin her bikini and that she should take it off before she jumped in. She hesitated for a few minutes, but since no one else was around to watch, she nervously untied her top, then slipped off her bikini bottoms and slid into the mud pit. She was incredibly beautiful as she stood fully nude in the outdoors for the first time in her life, and she had a great time covering herself from head to toe with the smooth mud. Shortly after Lisa had joined me in the pit, a newlywed couple walked by and stopped to ask how it felt. At our invitation to join us, Pete stripped and oozed into the pit immediately, but his new wife Michelle was more hesitant. After a few minutes of gentle coaxing, however, she too peeled off her T-shirt and then slid off her shorts and panties and joined us in the mud.

The only way to rinse off the mud is to swim in the lake, so when we were ready to get out of the mud pit, the four of us paraded like living statues over to the beach. After we had all washed off, we swam to the diving platform to get some sun. This was the first time that either of the two women had gone skinny-dipping, but they seemed to lose their inhibitions very quickly and they appeared very relaxed as they lay in the sun totally nude. When the first scheduled rock band took the stage, we decided to walk over to the concert area. I thought for sure that Lisa would hurry to get dressed again, but she surprised me when she stuffed all of her belongings into her gym bag and left it near her chair. The four of us spent the rest of the day listening to the music and dancing amid the crowds of hundreds of spectators at the Musicfest. Some of the audience members remained dressed, but by this time, many more had joined in the spirit of the event and, like us, spent a joyous day in the summer sun without clothing and without a care in the world.

The next morning, the four of met at the resort clubhouse for breakfast and for a swim in the heated indoor pool. As we showered together in the co-ed shower facility, both Pete and I admired the beauty of our female companions as they lathered up and rinsed off under the spray of the showers. We swam nude the whole morning, relaxed in the hot tub, and then walked over to enjoy the rock groups who were scheduled to perform on the final day of the Musicfest. Again, Lisa and Michelle seemed to be perfectly content to spend the entire day au naturel as we danced to the music, visited the food vendors, looked at the craft displays, played miniature golf, and explored the resort facilities. Before it was time for us to pack up our camping gear and head home, the four of us made one final trip back to the mud pit. We covered ourselves with the gloriously smooth mud and took turns posing like statues of Greek gods and goddesses. We followed that with one last trip to the lake to swim and rinse off before we left the resort.

We have shared e-mail messages in the months after the concert, and we hope to see each other again next summer at the next Musicfest. Until then, I look back with fond memories as I think of the beauty of these two women. They are the epitome of natural female beauty and it was a pleasure to observe them as they enjoyed the simple joys of swimming and sunning in the nude without any sense of shame or embarrassment. As I look at the beautiful photographs on this web site, I especially enjoy those that depict women in peaceful outdoor settings near lakes and rivers. I hope to see more photo galleries like this in the weeks to come.


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