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Letter of the week, from Doug:

"That was one of the longest showers I have ever taken as I watched this beautiful woman wash her beautiful tan body."


Myself, my wife and two friends went canoeing last summer in a very rural area in the southern U.S. We tent camped the first night and got up early the next morning to rent our canoes and head out for the river. The canoe rental place took a load of us by bus several miles up stream to drop us off so we could canoe back down to the camp at our own pace.

While on the bus I noticed a beautiful woman sitting in front of me I guessed to be in her late teens or very early twenties. She was blonde and from what I could see of her had an unbelievable tan. She was wearing cut off bluejean shorts and a bright orange bikini top. Her feet were dark tan and her toenails were painted bright orange to match her bikini.

When the bus stopped myself and my friends exited the back of the bus and walked around front to help get the canoes. As I passed by the front door this blonde beauty stepped out. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I never could get a clear look at her face while sitting behind her in the bus but I saw her clearly now. Her face was that of an angel. Her stomach was firm and dark tan and she had a silver ring in her naval. I smiled at her and she smiled back with the most beautiful smile and white teeth I have ever seen.

As the day progressed we would occasionally pass by this blonde beauty and her friends as we canoed down the river. Finally after getting back to camp I was hot and couldn't wait for a cool shower. We all took off to the showers rooms. I went in a stall in the men's room side of the bath house and started that cool water. I noticed while in the shower I could hear the women in the women's side of the bath house. As I looked to the side I noticed the side wall was covered with another curtain or tarp evidently from some plumbing work that had been done. I pulled the curtain back and I was looking into another shower stall from the ladies side of the bath house and face to face with that wonderful blonde angel I had been admiring all day! She quickly covered herself and softly said, "you scared me". She then uncovered herself and stuck her hand out (uncovering her beautiful naked body) and said "my name is Hayley". And I of course softly spoke my name back so no one else would notice me talking in my shower stall.

I went to close the makeshift curtain so she could regain her privacy and she said, "please, can we leave it open". I, of course was glad to oblige her. That was one of the longest showers I have ever taken as I watched this beautiful woman wash her beautiful tan body. We stood in those shower stalls for nearly thirty minutes. Once she finished she stuck her hand out and said, "it was a pleasure to bathe with you", smiled and walked out of her shower.

This is a true story and one I will never forget. I wish I could have had some way to taken a picture of this beautiful women as her beauty was that of no other. I will never forget that canoeing trip for as long as I live.

Thanks, Doug C.

Thanks for the story, Doug. I just know that someday I will have to give the outdoors lifestyle a chance. :)

Eolake Stobblehouse

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"I just want to say that I never fail to be amazed by the undeniable and breathtaking beauty of a woman! Pivotal to this is the fact that DOMAI is the crystal-clear glass through which the unspeakable beauty of a woman is made known." - Greg D

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