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This week's letter demonstrates again how happy people don't mind being looked at and admired. Sandra Bullock said in an interview that if someone whistled at her in the street, she did not get offended, but said Thank You.

Of course it is not rational that you should use tremendous amounts of time and money on looking your best, like most pretty girls do, and then not appreciate being openly admired. :) I think that most girls do appreciate it, and if not, only because they think they are expected not to.

Eolake Stobblehouse


Letter of the week, from Gordon:

"...she smiled, shook her red wavy orange tresses and, to my shock and delight, unbuttoned another button on her dress!"


Last week I met a girl whose image would fit right in on your beautiful site. It was the day of my annual visit to the dentist (what joy, he said sarcastically). When the hygienist opened the door to the waiting room, I was surprised to see someone new. Pleasantly surprised I might add. The voice that had called my name belonged to a tall redhead who couldn't have been long out of her teens. She had a pleasant face and a radiant smile which I returned. As I followed her back to her chair I had a delightful view of her slender backside and long legs from about mid-thigh down to ankle-length white socks.

All too soon we arrived at her station. As I got into the chair I noticed her white dress, which had a vaguely nurse-like styling to it, was unbuttoned far enough down that I could see the tan line at the top of her small breasts. That she was new at her work became apparent as she fumbled with the controls to the chair. First she lowered my head too far, then overcorrected and had me sitting upright. She finally got me into a reasonable position, but it seemed I was far too low compared to the height of her stool. I commented on her newness at this and joked that she must be doing this between classes at high school.

With mock indignance she told me she was 19 and had been out of high school almost two years - just long enough to complete hygienist training. As she began working in my mouth, I noticed that, by having the chair too low, she was forced to work in an awkward position that gave me a splendid view down her dress. I was delighted to see that she wasn't wearing a bra! This lovely sight seemed to me almost adequate compensation for the dental pain she was inflicting.

"Like the view?" she asked, catching me staring. Fortunately her hands were in my mouth, giving me an excuse for the incoherent muttering that would have come out even if I had had full use of it. At the next rinse she smiled, shook her red wavy orange tresses and, to my shock and delight, unbuttoned another button on her dress! Now as she leaned back over me, I had an even clearer view.

I'm a pretty bold guy and a firm believer in the old adage "it never hurts to ask". This has led to several remarkable situations, not the least of which happened after the dentist finished and the hygienist was wrapping up. "That was a lovely view you gave me during the cleaning," I told her. "Could I see more?" She smiled coyly, glanced around to see if the dentist or any of her coworkers were looking and whispered "follow me." I could hardly believe my ears.

We went to a small supply room and closed the door. She told me to stand against the door so nobody could accidently come in. She quickly unfastened the remaining buttons and stepped out of the dress. Ah the bud of tender youth! Slim and lithe, flat tummy, small breasts that reminded me of miniature, freckled ski slopes. She turned around a couple of times and strutted, enjoying my admiring looks and smile. I suggested she also remove the white french-cut panties, but she giggled and said she wasn't ready for that yet. Almost before it had started she hopped back into the little dress and we were back in the corridor. Little more than a minute had passed, but it is one I will long remember.

My dentist has been urging me to start a program of six-month intervals instead of annual visits. I think I've found the incentive to do that. I keep wondering if he hired this young hygienist for the express purpose of encouraging us middle-aged men to get more regular oral care.


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