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There are still millions, possibly billions, of people in this world who thinks that nudity is an unnatural thing and should be hidden away. Some of them even assume that it is damaging to children. Well, did anybody actually study it? You betcha, read it here.

Eolake Stobblehouse


Letter of the week, from Tim:

"As she looked out the window, she seemed to be comfortable with the fact that she was nude..."


Over the past few months since I've become a member, I've been able to enjoy a lot of nude pictures without being turned off by what I see, there is nothing that I don't like, although there are some pictures that I like more than others. But above that, I've had some of my attitudes about nudity changed, it's nothing that should be shyed away from or scorned, no matter how young or old you are.

That new attitude was put to the test over the past week when I went with a small group from my church to West Virginia to help a campground build a multi-purpose house.

On this ground there are some families who stay there all year around, and one of the families have taken in a teen aged Native American/Spanish girl named Rosita. She had deep, black, short cut hair, had mildly bronzed skin and was very petite in size. She was just all around cute.

Out of the six guys who went down, there were one with whom she opened to right away, (Dave) and played the usual teen antics with him, and with me she half-way opened up to but there seemed to be a non-familiarity about it, but the roles were about to be altered.

I broke the ice with her in two ways, the first was by retrieving a snake-skin for her collection, and the second would come a little later that evening when Dave and I saw her undressing by an open window. She had just taken her top off, and we were both given a nice view of her bare breasts. As she looked out the window, she seemed to be comfortable with the fact that she was nude, at least for the moment, and she had also caught us standing there, and she seemed to be only a bit apprehensive about us being there. Dave's eyes shot away, even flashed his hand over his eyes and that seemed to bother her, sensing that, she held her hand over her breast, as if to hid them from his view.

I continued to look, even smiled a bit devilishly to Rosita, a bit of a smile came to her face, and even her arm lowered just a bit.

Dave noticed that I was still looking. "Don't stare!"

"I just like what I see," came my response, "and if you like what you see, you stop and take a look at it, take it in and go about your business."

After a few more comments were tossed back and forth (with Rosita hearing every word) we went about our business, saying nothing more about it.

When morning rolled around, Rosita seemed to be a bit more receptive to my presence, as for Dave, she seemed to be just a bit colder to him than she might have been had he not turned away.

Tim J.

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"Again, I want to express my respect for what you have developed at I've been on the Internet for 4 years, and it is very refreshing to find such quality at, after voyaging through the 4-year storm of mostly trash. There were a few good ones, but poorly framed --so to speak' good pictures of attractive models, but the porn-like design of those websites made the good ones look trashy. I like the professional look of Thanks again for the good deal." - Sincerely, James C. H. <galleryporticus> Wichita, USA

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nude photos

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