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By golly, another "miracle story". I have always considered Art to be one of the most important things for the human spirit. (And what is more important than the human spirit?) So inspiring artists, and helping them, is a more than worthy accomplishment.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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Letter of the week, from Moze:

"I do not pretend to be some great artist, but I do feel that I do rather well, and it is in great part thanks to DOMAI."


I am a 29 year old male, who has been very artistic for the majority of my life. My favorite genre has always been fine line drawings of figures, women mostly. Most of what I had done, was considered fantasy art, warrior women, barbarians, and the like. I just love the sleek, powerful energy of a beautiful woman, and add a dragon and a bladed weapon, and I am in heaven!

Well, Just about a year and a half ago, I began to have vision problems. Within an eight month timeframe, I had suffered two detached retinas. After two surgeries, one on each eye, I was left with "navigational" vision. My left eye no longer functions, and I have 20/300 in the right, meaning very poor. Needless to say, depression soon followed.

Just about the time, that I was deciding whether or not I would ever draw again, we purchased a computer, and that is when it all changed.

An artist friend of mine, began sending me links and addresses of artistic nude pages. And that is how I found DOMAI. I was amazed! Right there in front of me, were the most beautifully taken photographs, of very beautifully powerful women that I had ever seen! I had been truly inspired!

Armed with a black magic marker, and typing paper, I began to draw again!

Since then, I have turned out about dozen or so, drawings, many of which are heavily inspired by the pictures found here. I do not pretend to be some great artist, but I do feel that I do rather well, and it is in great part thanks to DOMAI.

Now, the only problem is, do I continue to draw, or do I make an attempt at producing photographs, in the DOMAI style?

Thank you again for the inspiration. You have helped me to retain a portion of myself, that I was afraid would be lost.

Yours truly, MOZE

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nude photos

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