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Ever since I learned to read, I have been an indoor person. And the event of the Internet and the World Wide Web has certainly not changed that, au contraire. So it takes quite a bit to get me to move my ass and git outdoors. But I seldom regret it when I do, for if nothing else, I usually see some cute girls when I go out. And I am always glad of that. What can we learn from that? That the world needs better wireless Internet connections, so I can be online with my Apple iBook whereever I am, of course. :)

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Letter of the week, from Jeanine:

"While at first my instinct was to look away and allow her some privacy, I then realized that maybe she didn't mind, and for a second, I thought, maybe she wants me to appreciate her naked body."


I've been visiting DOMAI for close to a year now, and this surprises many of the people I talk to, because I'm a 16-year-old girl. In fact, several people still believe I'm a lesbian, because they can't understand why I would visit the site only for the sake of appreciating the beauty of the PYGs. The only girl that truly understands this is my friend Jennifer, and that is probably because she visits the site occasionally as well.

It was with Jennifer that I was able to appreciate the female nude in person for the first time.

Jennifer lives just down the road from a trail that few people know about. We always enjoyed walking down the trail, and stopping to watch the river that the trail runs alongside for a ways. One day when I was at Jen's house we decided to take a walk. It was an incredibly hot day, and while we were walking Jen mentioned that it would be a good day to go for a dip in the river. When I said that it was too bad we hadn't worn bathing suits, she just grinned.

As we neared the river, she took the bottom of her tank-top in both hands and pulled it over her head. She carried it in her hand for a couple steps before she asked me to stop so that she could pull her shorts off. Now she was walking in nothing but her navy-blue sports bra and panties with her shirt and shorts in her hand. She was beautifully tanned.

Soon we were at the river on a small beach of smooth stones where we both stopped. She dropped her shorts and shirt and kicked off her sandals. I removed my shirt as well, and when I looked at her again she had removed her bra as well, and was slipping out of her panties. While at first my instinct was to look away and allow her some privacy, I then realized that maybe she didn't mind, and for a second, I thought, maybe she wants me to appreciate her naked body. This was confirmed when she looked up at me and smiled. We both started giggling childishly for a moment as I took off my sandals and slid down my shorts. I had thought that she was just waiting for me before she went in the water, but then I realized as I removed my bra that she was watching me. Thought we hadn't spoken a word, it was almost as if we had agreed, silently, to appreciate each other's bodies. I slid my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them, and then we stood there for a second, completely nude. I can't say it felt like an eternity, in fact, it felt like far too short a time.

Instead of simply standing there, however, we both stepped into the water, which was surprisingly clear and quite cold. It didn't bother me, however, because my beautiful friend was walking right there beside me. We submerged into the water for a second to cool off, but then we both took a step or two towards shore, then stood straight, so that the water was about up to our thighs. We stood and admired each other once again. Her wet, brown hair fell just barely to her shoulders, her long arms glistened in the sun. Her breasts had droplets of water running down them, that eventually led to her muscular stomach. I have red hair, and so I have quite pale skin. She, on the other hand, had beautifully tanned skin, which did not vary on any part of her, not even her breasts.

We went underwater one more time before walking back to shore. We were bathed in sunlight, on the beach made up of nothing but smooth, warm rocks. We lay down on the rocks. After the chill of the river, the sun-warmed rocks felt quite good against my bare skin. We lay there, totally comfortable, until we were totally dry. Then we both got up, and when I went to put my clothes back on, she simply put her sandals on and held her clothes in her hand. I smiled, put my sandals on, picked up my clothes, and we were off. It felt like we were one with nature, totally naked in the open air, amongst the trees and under the sun. This time, we talked as we walked. I can only remember bits and pieces of what we talked about, however, as I was still captivated by her beautiful body.

When we got to the road, I thought we had better put our clothes on, but for some reason we boldly kept walking. It is not a very busy road at all, in fact, only two cars passed us as we made our way back to her house. Though I knew I should feel nervous, I didn't. Instead, I felt proud. Proud that my friend and I were comfortable enough in our bodies to simply walk down the road in nothing but our birthday suits. When we got to her empty house, we sat and talked a while longer, naked, until it was time for me to head home. I felt so confined when I put my clothes back on, after being so free for so long. When she said we should get together again sometime soon, we both grinned, because we both knew that we would do the same thing. As I drove home, I thought of nothing but the next time we could take a walk down to the river.

Jennifer and I saw a lot of each other, physically speaking, but looking back I see that we both learned much more about ourselves spiritually. It made me think about how physical and spiritual beauty are really not that different. When I look at a Pretty Young Girl on DOMAI, when I see a girl smile, proud to be showing off her body, I see just as much beauty spiritually as I do physically. I hope all Dirty Old Men appreciate the PYGs' spirit as if it were any other part of their body.


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