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Sometimes I think that double standards is the rule, not the exception. I was living in Scotland a couple of years ago, and in general it is a pretty nice and sane country. At one point I was looking for models. So i put up a notice for nude models in the local news stand and the postoffice. In both places the notices were taken down within a couple of days because customers complained. What I find funny about that is that in the news stand, a few meters from my notice that had the word "nude" in it, were daily newspapers, and they often had totally buck naked girls in living color right on the front page. But nobody seemed to have enough of a problem with that... I can't possibly be the only one finding that a bit illogical. :)

Then of course it should be said that the complainers were of the elderly generation. I still think things are changing for the better all the time. Me, I can't wait.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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Letter of the week, from Brendan:

"Her legs seemed so gentle, so tender that they couldn't possibly support one ounce of clothing."


I think the wonderment of the female form was more keenly felt by me for the reason that I had no sister, nor did I have the girl next door. Man, there must be some great "girl next door" stories out there.

Sheltered as I was from feminine nudity any slight glimpse of the mystery that was woman was absorbed with wide staring curious eyes.

My older brother and his friends were forced to have me as a tag along to a hike they took one Saturday afternoon. We lived near the Minnewaska State park in New Paltz New York. It was a terrific area for outdoor activities. I have to wonder if my guides new of the outdoor activity we were going to run across that day.

We had hiked off the trail, following the stream up toward the lake. We were a couple miles in when we came across a group of nude sunbathers. It was a mixed group. Middle aged to very young. It was by far the most extraordinary sight I had ever seen. We moved right amongst them as we continued upstream.

The sight that caught my eye was a set of girls just about my age. They were playing in a small pool along the right side of the brook. They hadn't seen us yet, and were very distracted by something in the water. One was bending at the waist over the shoulder of her friend who was bent down with her arms wrapped around her knees. It was beautiful. Time seemed to stand still. The standing girl pointed down toward something with her left hand. I remember thinking... her arm seems so long! Without clothing to break up her body, her arm just seemed to melt into her torso which so smoothly led to her bottom. Her legs seemed so gentle, so tender that they couldn't possibly support one ounce of clothing. Her feet were long and led well to her balance. I am sure she grew into those feet very well.

I was so startled by this fantastic sight that I froze. Only for a second... or was it an eternity, then the girls saw us. My Brother and his friends were busy gawking at the more mature full bodied gals on the other side of the water, so it seemed to be just the two girls and I for this brief moment in time. The girls turned their eyes to me and while I fought to close my mouth, they began giggling, putting their hands to their mouths. I was surprised and thankful that they covered their giggling and not their bodies. I realized they were chuckling not at their exposer, but at my bashful response at seeing them. They were enjoying my surprise.

They both straightened up and attention now fixed on me and my shock, began to wave. One waving to me the other waving me over. All I could manage was a nervous meager wave back... which got the response of very playful girlish laughter. I wish I could hear that fun free laughter every day for the rest of my life.

The moment of my childhood's greatest dream was now shattered by a shout of: "HEY BRENDAN!" my Brother and his friends had now stopped as I had and were shouting for me from about 50 yards upstream. They were laughing their butts off. They knew very well what I was experiencing, and they were enjoying my reaction also.

I want to thank the two girls that were so free with their bodies that day, the parents that were raising them to be confident and free, and my Brother... I still think he knew very well where that hike was going to take me that day.

I went back to that area when I was older, it was still a haven for free bodies, and I enjoyed many days with the folks there. Perhaps someday I will stop back.

Thank you,

Brendan C

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