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Spring is arriving in Northern Europe. Of course it could be only fool's gold like often before, but there is no doubt that one day it will be the arrival of all the pretty girls in summer dresses in the streets, and one wonders where all this beauty has been hiding during winter.

DOMAI's vision is a world full of Pretty Young Girls all nude everywhere. But of course climate is a little hitch in that plan. So when are they getting around to building those covered cities we have been reading about in science fiction books?

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Letter of the week, from Thomas of Switzerland:

"She slid out of the dress before I could say anything and stood close to me naked from her black haired head to her small brown feet."


it was in summer some years ago, when I went to southern France by car together with a friend. We stayed some days in the very beautiful Mountains "Les Alpilles". He was a geolog and therefore every day walked in the mountains looking for stones. One day I decided to go alone to Arles for visiting some of the very beautiful cultural buildings of the old Romans. Besides my road suddenly I saw a young, maybe twenty years old girl, who wanted to hitchhike. She had black hair to the shoulders and weared a deep red dress that barely covered her knees. when I stopped she looked in with such a wonderfull smile in her lovely brown eyes... She also wanted to go to Arles, so we went on. Her feet were bare, very nice and of a brown southern color. Her dress covered well formed not little breasts and it seemed to me, that she had nothing under. Nadine, this was her name, was a french girl from Paris, and both tried to show our best english to understand each other. She was a student of cultural history and and not only a great knowledge about architectural and historical facts, but a big love for the beauty of this old buildings too. So we spent some great hours in Arles, than we decided to go on to Orange - another historical city there. Sitting in the machine she said: "Lets quickly go to the –Pont Du Gard'". I agreed, so we went to this big and impressive Viaduct through the river Gardon.

We went up the historical stairs from the River area to the heigth of the viaduct, togethers with many other tourists. It was the afternoon of a very sunny day. Nadine smiled, but seemed to be far in dreams or thoughts... I didn't disturbed her with words and just enjoyed the view of her neck, walking close behind her. Suddenly she turned around to me, smiled nearly a little bit shamefull and said : "Excuse me, please!" and opened her dress button by button. She had nothing under as I guessed earlier. She slid out of the dress before I could say anything and stood close to me naked from her black haired head to her small brown feet. She had perfect round breasts that nevertheless seemed to be very soft (later I thought, that such breasts must cover a very big heart, full of love and inner beauty - and lucky is that man to whom this love is given). I was fully confused and didn't know what to do, were to look. I didn't want to show myself as a voyeurist - .... but in the next moment she wispered: " Look at me - it's a present for you - and me. Today is my birthday." Then she took her dress from the ground, smiled on me, turned and walked on absolutely natural, as if there would not be any tourists around her. From behind she had such a lovely view - I barely can express it. The skin of her back shined golden in the afternoon sun, her pelvis was very slim. Every little part of her skin was full of life and seemed to breathe.

The people looked on her with a much respect - and nobody touched her or talked to her, neither there was any dirty smile. It was a pure happening of beauty on the top of the Pont Du Gard and - it seemed to be partly dedicated to me.

When the whole viaduct was crossed, we stepped down to the river. There, suddenly she threw away her far and dreamy eyeglance, loughed happy and said: "This was an old dream of mine..., now, put off your clothes too and let's swim through the river to your car!"

I jumped out of my clothes, she tied them clever on my head (never I stood more close to her than in this moment), then we swam through the river Gardon.... on the other side, one last time Nadine offered me her front view wringing the water out of her hair, then dragged on her wet red dress.

When I brought her back to her hotel in St. Remis, the last she said, was: "I like You - but I have a boyfriend, and we are very happy." I believed, of course.

Yours sincerely, Thomas from Zurich, Switzerland

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