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Dang, I am sorry, I don't have anything intelligent to say today. I have had a busy week with many exciting things happening, especially personally and spiritually, and my mind is a frizzle. I need an early weekend.

So I'll just refer you to the excellent letter of the week, and to the articles and essentials pages.

Eolake Stobblehouse

eolake[at] (change [at] to @)

Letter of the week, from Shane:

"I asked her what she liked most about the site. She said it was the freedom expressed by the girls in the pictures."


I am a typical bible belt businessman from Texas. I was raised my whole life with the idea that if a picture of a woman was naked, then it was pornography and evil. A lesson thoughly beat into me after at age 12, I drew pictures of my mother and grandmother depicted in the nude (inspired by artist such as Michelangelo and such who were considered great artists.) After this lesson, it knocked the art out of me and I began to study business, got a job, got married and did the "American" thing. But I always felt something was missing in my life.

As a typical male I did get out and try to find pictures of women on the internet and really was put off by what I found. It was not natural. In fact, as far as I was concerned, it was ugly . Then I bought a digital camera for work and began to photograph everything. Trees, flowers, people (clothed) and even if a plate of food was prepared in a nice way, I took a picture of that too. I began to try to find pictures of women depicted naturally and was able to find a picture here and there but was not able to find a good source of pictures.

I had tried to explain to some friends what I was looking for but, they did not seem to understand the difference between "pornography" and "natural nude art" in photography. Finally, a buddy from up north suggested I go to a site (cannot remember which one.) The site had some good work but most importantly, it had a link to DOMAI. When I found it, it was like a flash went off in my head. Yes! This is what I am talking about. I particularly love the work of Andrey Slastyonoff.

I was so excited that I found what I was looking for and had in words what I wanted to do, that I (hesitantly) decided to tell my wife about the work I was looking at so we could share it and discuss it. She was from a very strict religious background as well and I was very scared to share your site with her. I downloaded the "DOMAI Style/Third Kind of Nude Art" article and had her read it and my article before she saw the pictures. I held my breath while she read it and then smiled and said the words I was waiting on, "Show me the pictures." I opened the web site and watched her as the pictures opened.

She began clicking on various links and then began to make comments on each one on how much she really liked this picture and why she liked it and how it spoke to her. She really "got" it. She normally does not spend a lot of time on the internet but she was online for at least three hours downloading and admiring all the pictures on your site. I did not even spend as much time on it as she did. I asked her what she liked most about the site. She said it was the freedom expressed by the girls in the pictures. It really set her free to see the pictures and envision herself as one of the girls. She even suggested that she would like to be photographed and featured on your site someday, but right now this is all a little too new for her.

I cannot express in words how great I think your site is and what it has meant to both my wife and I.

Thank You So Much,

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"Your site is, in a word, breathtaking. Nowhere, I mean nowhere, on the Internet is there a finer group of beautiful women photographed in a most respectful, artistic, and yes at times, erotic manner. Keep up the great work that you do!" - Regards, Ken, Southampton, PA <ken18966[at]>

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