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I was thinking of putting in another word about the nudity taboo. Like for instance, if nudity was inherently sexual, then all the men in nudist camps would be sporting constant erections, wouldn't they? Yet nudist camps are remarkably relaxed places.

But then I decided to let letterwriter of week, female DOMAI member Leigh, have the podium. I think you're going to like it. Take it away, Leigh.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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Leigh, author of the letter below, photographed by her husband for DOMAI.

Letter of the week, from Leigh:

"I know there are folks who would gasp in amazement to learn that I might join an organization that goes by the name Dirty Old Men -- especially since I am not even a man."


I discovered DOMAI not long ago; and I recently became a member. I know there are folks who would gasp in amazement to learn that I might join an organization that goes by the name Dirty Old Men -- especially since I am not even a man. But let them gasp! I am simply a woman who appreciates the gift of beauty in one of its most elegant forms. Thank you for creating a website that is so completely tasteful and affirming in it's celebration of beauty!

I must tell you I am also personally inspired by your website. As a youngster, I was raised to believe that nudity was something wrong and even sinful. Along with that all too familiar tenet, I was also taught that my own physical body was disgusting because I was born with a disability. Sadly, that message was so loud for so long that I inherited a sense of guilt and shame. For years I could not recognize - much less be grateful for - what physical gifts I had been given. This impaired me even more profoundly than my physical challenges ever have.

Thankfully, I've learned to move beyond such a limited and limiting vision. Today, I define myself not by what I must overcome but rather by what I have the strength to become. I choose to feel good about the person I was created to be. I'm discovering wonderful gifts and exploring new ways to enjoy them. has inspired me to recognize the innate beauty of the human female form. As I witness the diverse beauty of the models featured on your site, I can acknowledge the unique beauty which God has given to me and to others as well. The way I see it, this is not vanity; indeed, it is not anything negative. It is instead a profound appreciation for what God has given us all.

Experience has taught me that there are many in our current society who proclaim that a disabling condition or surgical scars will preclude a person from being beautiful. I disagree. I believe that beauty is greater than these specific factors (just as it is more than sexuality). While particular physical attributes are surely attractive, beauty may simultaneously reflect characteristics like strength of spirit and personal power. As you put it, "even an 80-year-old can be a PYG if she has class." I am now contemplating the possibility of submitting some of my own photographs so that you might consider those for inclusion on [as you can see, this did happen - Eolake]. I understand that competition can be steep, yet even the idea of giving this a shot is fun and exciting! And it's definitely worthwhile.

Thanks so much for your wonderful, inspiring, and life-affirming website!

Best Regards, Leigh

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Leigh, author of the letter above, photographed by her husband for DOMAI.

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