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After her letter and pictures last week, DOMAI member Leigh got fantastic amounts of really positive mail. (Not that this was any surprise to me.) One of the letter struck me as particularly important, so I asked the letterwriter Lawrence to elaborate and send it to me. He did, and you can read it underneath. One thing I find of particular notice is how a man can chance his own viewpoints and reactions. This is something that only very few people are able to do yet, but I think it is an important point for mankind to develop if we are to florish and prosper as a species.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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Letter of the week, from Lawrence:

"Everyone has had an experience or two that has changed or altered their lives."


I have enjoyed this web site very much and especially the stories contained in the weekly newsletters. I came to this site like so many, who enjoy the nude figures without all the sexual overtones and gestures. I recently responded to Leigh's letter about her personally experiences and thoughts on the nude female form and would like to share some of that with you.

Everyone has had an experience or two that has changed or altered their lives. Well, one such event happened to our family about thirteen years ago. At that time we had only the two girls. The oldest was three years old and the other one was just a year behind. I heard a loud noise from upstairs and as it turned out they were both jumping on their beds nude.

I lost it, and spanked them both and told them to get dressed. My wife, who happens to be German (the Germans are not hung up on nudity like us), asked me if that was necessary. So, I decided to give it some thought and came to the realization the problem was with me and not my girls. I had reacted to the fact they were both nude and I was taught growing up, that nudity was "bad". Interestingly enough, not long after that incident, I was reading a local paper that highlighted the nudist lifestyle. Here was an opportunity to overcome my old beliefs on nudity, and so I asked my wife about going to a nudist camp and she said she would give it a try. One weekend we made a road trip with our two girls to a local club for our first nude experience as a family and it wasn't going to be the last. It amazed me how fast we were undressed and swimming with people we didn't even know. We have been nudists for a while now, and Eolake is right about it being a very relaxed place. And yes, even though it seems the young pretty girls get all the attention, you do not see men walking around aroused with an erection. It just doesn't happen. The attention these beauties get is not a lusting for, but rather an admiration for who they are. There is that innocence and childlikeness that emanates from them that I think really defines where they are in life (and where many of us wish we could be, even for just a moment in time).

A lot has passed since that day my girls were jumping nude on the bed. I certainly have learned a lot from that one experience and that one life-changing event. Because of that, we are very open as a family and have made many friends since. I see a day when being nude in itself is not frowned on, and nude girls are not looked upon as sexual objects but the beauty they are.



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