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"From the mind comes the world"

The world and universe is as we create it. It is not always easy to see, because apparently the world does not only contain things we want. But how much do we know about the mind, actually, and what we really want? Perhaps the way to change the world is to change our image of the world?

This, believe it or not, is actually one of the most basic of DOMAI's missions. We imagine a world where beauty is rampant, nudity is normal, and shame is rare, and that world may come about.

I had a funny thing happen a couple of years ago. I had just written a fictional account of how I saw a beautiful nude woman through a window. This was before I went full time on DOMAI, so I was going to work early the next morning, in the early-dawn light. I walked by a house where a gorgeous woman lived who I had seen a couple of times. And lo and behold, just as I walked past, out she walked, apparently fresh from the shower into her kitchen, stark nude and wonderful to behold.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Steven

"Jane said, 'No, it's okay, you can come in if you'd like.' So I walked back through her door to see her still standing there dripping from her shower."

It was end of the summer before my senior year of high school. Some friends and I were off to catch a movie. We had tried to invite Jane, but her phone was busy. Since we had some time to kill, we decided to stop by her house to see if she wanted to come. When we pulled up, I went into Jane's house to get her.

Jane's father answered the door. Figuring that I wanted to see her, he told me that she was in her room and just to head on back to it. Jane's room was connected with her bathroom and apparently her dad didn't realize that she had just finished showering. I saw the door to her room was open. Just as I came in, the bathroom door opened and out walked Jane, completely naked. Now I am not one to object to nudity, and I truly believe in the beauty of the female form, but had never discussed these views with any of my friends. So I jumped back out of her room with an apology as a curtesy.

What happened next, I didn't expect. Jane said, "No, it's okay, Steven, you can come in if you'd like." So I walked back through her door to see her still standing there dripping from her shower. She had come out of the bathroom to get a towel from her room to dry off with. But there she was, perhaps the most beautiful sight I had seen at that point in my life. Her wet, long brown hair came down past her shoulders went along the outside of her wonderful breasts. For an instant, it seemed as if everything froze. The image is still fresh in my mind of her tall body standing there, the drops of water sparkling from the sun coming through the blinds on her window. At that moment she looked perfect with her long legs, flawless skin, and the smile on her beautiful face. Her breasts were not big, but just the right size, coming to a slight point at the nipple.

"So what brings you here?" she asked me as I sat down on her bed. I told her about the movie we were going to see and Jane said it sounded cool. I watched her dry off as we talked. She could obviously tell I enjoyed it because it was clear that she was making an effort to show me see as much of her as possible. Then she gave me one last glimpse of her uncovered body as she went to her closet to find some clothes to put on. She got dressed and we left for the movie.

Since that day we have never spoken of the incident. When my friends asked what took us so long, Jane said that she had just gotten out of the shower when I came in and left it at that. During college I lost track of Jane and it's been 3 or 4 years since I've talked to her. Perhaps sometime I'll look her up and see what she's been doing all these years.

Best Regards, Steven B

Newsletter archive

"I want to say how much I appreciate your publishing your site. Each time I go roaming around the web to see what other sites might be worth my time, I come back to DOMAI, glad that I have joined. There are few other sites I am willing to spend my time for, and certainly not my money. Yours is worth both! Thank you," - Don D. R.

nude photos

nude photos

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