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There is a funny little issue that I have thought about occasionally: how flexible the female design is.

What I mean is, have you ever noticed how different two women can be, and still both be beautiful? I commented on that once sitting in a cafe in Copenhagen with a friend, looking at two girls. One of them was pale, blonde, tall and slender with long flat hair and delicate facial features. The other one was shorter, plumb, round and full-figured, with dark skin and curly har, and childish, laughing features. They were totally different, and yet both made from the same basic design and both amazingly attractive and wonderful to behold.

I guess it just goes to show that a really good idea can be used in many different ways.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Jon

"She was glistening from a shower in a state of complete undress, as the sun came in through her bedroom window."

I have read a number of the letters sent to DOMAI and am in agreement that the female form is truly something to be admired, the way that in different lighting and from different angles you can always find a new "Bella Vista" of the same figure.

At the youthful age of 15 I was sat at the kitchen table which resides under a window looking out onto the street. It was a spring morning and I had just woken up, got my breakfast and had sat down to eat.

I got about half way through my frosties and looked up, to my amazement I saw one of our neighbours grand-daughters, who was a year older than I. She was glistening from a shower in a state of complete undress, as the sun came in through her bedroom window.

At first I looked away almost embarassed, but then I looked back and I saw her moisturising in front of her dressing table mirror and generally making herself look more beautiful. She started putting cream on her long slender legs and then worked up her body, across her stomach and over her breasts, turning every now and then to check every curve in the mirror. She had quite full and pert pale breasts, a slim waist, small firm bottom and long blond hair that fell down to near the small of her back.

This display went on for what seemed like forever, but was probably about five minutes all the while my heart was pounding. Then suddenly she must have seen me watching from the reflection in the mirror and she turned and walked right upto the window, she smiled and waved with her breasts pushed up against the glass. I nearly choked on my serial from the shock of this but waved all the same and then got up from the table and went about my business.

When I checked back a few moments later she had simply continued what she was doing. This was not the last time that I saw her display of beauty, however it was the last time that it was performed specifically for my gaze.

Jon, England

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"DOMAI seems to be the only website that offers what I want to see. The girls always look decent and innocent, and pretty. I look at a photo for only a few seconds, and I feel better than I used to feel. Viewing a DOMAI pic is like taking aspirin when you have a headache, or an anti-depressant when you feel down. The difference is you don't need medicine to get better." - Ruud M.

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