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This week's letterwriter points out something important, which is an intangible quality in beauty. I have always been arguing that beauty is a spiritual quality. It has to be, for the simple reason that it cannot be explained by mechanical qualities. I guess somebody might argue that it could be explained by opinion or tradition or some such. But I will hold that while these things could go a ways, they could never approach the strong and intense experience that beauty gives us.

I also hold the opinion that a better understanding of beauty will be a huge step forward for mankind and our well being. Studying this is actually sort of a life quest for me, and some of the progress so far is recorded on my whatmeartist site.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Scott

"This inner beauty can only be projected so strongly by someone who is happy with who they are and what they do."

I spend a lot of time collecting images that I consider beautiful. I have pictures of everything from nature to outer space. The one thing that I don't have enough pictures of, and probably never will, is the human body. It is the most magnificent thing I have ever seen, young or old, man or woman, clothed or nude, it is just amazing.

So, consequently I spend a lot of time looking for good quality pictures at many sites. From the time I discovered your site I noticed something different in the pictures on it, and on those sites that follow your philosophy, compared to other nude sites. I have puzzled this over for several months and it finally came to me this evening.

The young ladies (and I mean Ladies) that your site portrays project something that no matter the lighting, the setting, the pose, the state of dress or undress can hide. This self-esteem and sense of freedom seems to add to the photos and give them more than a nude model.

The other sites that I have been to the pictures are just pictures. The models seem to be just going through forms almost like a choreographed dance that has been repeated too many times. Either that or they make it seem as if nudity and sex have to go together at all times. This leaves the pictures empty and lacking making a person feel unsatisfied with what they have seen.

This inner beauty can only be projected so strongly by someone who is happy with who they are and what they do. There is seldom anything fake about people who have this quality. The models at DOMAI do not have implants and I doubt many, if any, have had cosmetic surgery. Only people who are unhappy with their appearance chose to under go these "enhancement" surgeries. This unhappiness is easily felt when in the company of such an individual, we all know one or two. The same holds true for those that have a high degree of self confidence and self esteem.

This aura of beauty that the women at DOMAI display is something that leaps from the photos. You can not miss it, it stands out for all the world to see. You may not be able to place what it is, but you know it is there. This is what separates art from pornography, not someone in a political office. Pieces of art have characteristics that make you feel what the artist felt when creating it. The photos at DOMAI place a smile on your face and boost up your spirit, reflecting the almost nymph-like playfulness exhibited in many of them. I see it as something that argues very strongly for the DOMAI cause.

Scott L. Y.

Newsletter archive

"I want to say how much I appreciate your publishing your site. Each time I go roaming around the web to see what other sites might be worth my time, I come back to DOMAI, glad that I have joined. There are few other sites I am willing to spend my time for, and certainly not my money. Yours is worth both! Thank you," - Don D. R.

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