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This week we present two letters, and one of them is from India. This is cool. It has been long in the coming from our viewpoint, but it seems that the far East is coming along with the Internet, at least judging from our e-mail, which has recently finally started having entries from India, China, Japan...

Just as Americans often seem to forget that there is a world outside of America, so we Europeans sometimes tend to forget the entire Eastern hemisphere. Which is ridiculous, they do have quite a few people there! :)

It will be quite interesting to see what those old cultures will do with new technology over the next decades. They do have their cultural stumbling blocks like we all have, but there are some they don't have, one for instance is that they have not been thoroughly sold on the idea that man is an animal and just a meat body, like has been done to most everybody in the West. A spiritual viewpoint on life generally makes for far better ethics and general approach to life.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Ernest

"...then 2 more girls appeared on deck, and they too were naked."

One hot summer morning I loaded my small boat with my fishing gear and headed into the ocean to my usual quiet spot. It takes about 30 minutes from shore to get there, and this particular morning was no different. I arrived, prepared my rods, and sat back and enjoyed the morning peace and sun. About an hour passed and still no fish. It was then I became aware of a small but neat catamaran approaching my boat. Unusual I thought as this was not a typical tourist part of the ocean. It came to rest about 30 feet away, and happy that it wasn't going to ram me I returned to my chair. Shortly afterwards a female voice called out "Excuse me, do you mind if we turn our music on?" I got up and turned to face the catamaran, and saw the female who called out to me. She was stood on the hull of the craft, totally naked. She must have been nearly 6 feet tall, long slender legs. She had short cropped hair which seemed to suit her figure very nicely. By now she was waving at me as if to get my attention.

This was a fruitless task as she certainly already had my attention. "Um, oh, um, no I don't mind at all" I stuttered back at her, trying not to stare.

"Great, thanks" she replied, and turned around towards her craft. I now could see her pert white bum, this hadn't seen any sun yet! She bent down into the cabin and called "OK girls, hit the music" The music started, and then 2 more girls appeared on deck, and they too were naked.

One girl really caught my eye, she was coloured and I had never seen a naked coloured girl before. Her skin looked so smooth like velvet. I could tell she was quiet sporty as her leg muscles were noticeable but not overpowering. Her stomach was totally flat, and her breasts were large but not disproportional to her slender body. She had perfectly shaved her 'bikini line' and all in all was totally perfect. They waved hello to me, and then lay down on their towels sunning themselves.

I returned to my seat, but this time I shuffled it around to face the catamaran, allowing me to see the girls but without appearing to be staring. I'm sure they knew, as every now and then one would get up and do a silly dance or wiggle their body to enhance the fact they were naked. They were having fun too showing off their bodies to someone who appreciated them. To cool themselves off they would occasional jump in the sea and splash around together like young girls, the water glistening on their skin when they returned onboard.

I spent the whole afternoon in that same spot, not caring at all for fishing. As the afternoon closed in I reluctantly packed up my rods and headed for shore. Once on shore I started to clean my boat, and the catamarn eventually returned, this time the girls now covered up with their bikinis. "Did you catch anything nice" one of the girls cheekly called out! "Three beauties" was my reply. The girls all laughed.

- Ernest


I am Kamal from India, where nudism is still unheard of and even the mention of the word sex a taboo! Of course the two things are quite different, but since childhood people here are taught to shun both as an evil.

I can recall during my College going years, I had been very friendly with my neighbours - the Reo family. They would share the first juciy mangoes of the season, and would often feel free to drop down at my place for supper. Their daughter Ati would never miss a chance to say hello to me and at times she would come up with little doubts to me before going to her mother or father. She indeed had great faith in me.

Early summers where i live are very pleasant and more often than not, one will prefer to stay outdoors. It was one summer afternoon when I was in my balcony, watering the plants. It was then i saw Ati in a towel drying the clothes. Perhaps after a refreshing bath. It was not unusual for her as she often preferred to do the same, but often i could hear Mrs Reo from inside scolding the young lady to take care of her womanliness. That eventful day her leg slipped and her bucket of clothes fell and her towel slipped off! She was right in front of me fully nude. Her dark body shimmering in sunlight, Truly a beauty sent by the Gods. . . . I gave a smile seeing her clumsiness, to which she gave an innocent smile as she ran back into the house, picking up the towel. Very next thing i heard was, Mrs Reo cursing upon that girl that she had become impure because of her own neglect, and never again could the family regain their prestiege in society. That was the last day I has contact with the Reo family. They never spoke to me again, not even Ati. In fact they viewed me in suspicion and fear. Within a week the family left their home!

I would like to ask, why in this land of KARMA & DHARMA should anybody view the human body as taboo?

- Kamal

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