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The DOMAI pledge:

I hereby promise:

  1. never to my willful knowledge let a beautiful girl pass without enjoying the sight.
  2. never to speak slightingly of or underestimate the importance of beauty and grace, and always support it in conversation when needed.
  3. to keep beauty near my heart and always be aware that it is what is keeping us happy and content, and much of what makes life worth living.
  4. never to let merely intellectual pursuits, important as they may be, distract me for any undue length of time.
  5. to keep in mind that beauty is a spiritual thing, no more and no less.
  6. to always keep a pure mind when seeing beauty, or, failing that, at least take pleasure thinking what I am thinking.
  7. to remember that seeing is the only form of having that is actual. Thus, what you can see you can have. The reason for possessing anything is to prevent others from having it too, a pointless exercise.
  8. to not be bothered when they go away. There will always be more.
  9. to enjoy life and what it has given me, and in return to support life and be constructive.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Ray

"She just frolicked around in the rain like an innocent young child and was quite a sight to behold."


I was in the National Guard Signal Corps unit in the mid-1970s and was lucky enough to serve with a very nice single lady. Julie (an alias) was a very beautiful young woman who really tried to do her job without using her looks.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of other soldiers who thought that she was just pretty and constantly were hitting on her. I was (very) married at the time so I guess that I was not a threat to her. We worked very well together and often times were assigned extra duty such as taking food, fuel, and mail to out-lying signal sites. We were often got in the rain which was a relief on hot summer days.

On one of those days, we were caught out in the open during a daily rain and had to stop due to severe lightning near the ridge where we were headed to. Julie stood under the pine trees and stripped to her panties. She just frolicked around in the rain like an innocent young child and was quite a sight to behold. She obviously sunbathed nude as she was very evenly tanned. It didn't bother her in the least that I watched and laughed at her fun.

After the rain had passed, she got back into her uniform and we finished our food and fuel duties. When we returned to the company area, Julie leaned over and kissed me saying "We must do it again." About half of our signal section was watching and assumed we were a couple. We continued working together for several years as friends. I will never forget her friendship and trust. Nudity is not vulgar nor is it sex. It was a happy break from a boring job and I will never think of Fort McCoy, Wisconsin without a good memory.

Ray from Iowa

Newsletter archive

I have been enjoying your Beauty of the Day and weekly newsletter for a few weeks or months now, and I finally decided to go ahead and buy a full membership. I'm just a poor college guy so I don't have a lot of money, but I decided I came to this site often enough that paying $20 for a membership would be worth it. As I pulled up the membership page, I noticed that a membership was only $10, not $20... what a pleasant surprise! But better was your site's content. For $10 a month I got more than I could ever hope for from one of the gigantic porn mega-sites, and all those have is unrealistic depictions of smut and filth. And they're $30 or $40 per month! I just don't understand how those places stay in business when there are such great alternatives. Your site is definitely the best of its kind I have seen." - Luca R

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