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Have you ever thought about how much man runs the world on emotion? When a politician talks to an audience, does he appeal to their good sense? No way, he appeals to their emotion. When somebody decides to get married, or divorced, do they do it from any reational reasons? Nope, all emotion. And when they make laws, do they... no, most of it is emotional. For example, all the laws they make about how you can have sex. Nobody pretends there is a reason for these, it is simply that a sufficiently powerful minority don't like the idea of some things.

Me, I am the most bothered when it hurts the arts or aesthetics. I think a law which make beautiful girls put on clothes and hide their beauty is just, well, criminal.

Ah well, we have made a ton of progress since Victorian days, and we are still making more. We'll get there yet.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters of the week, from Rob and BE

"we were interrupted by the most beautiful woman I have ever seen totally nude..."

I have a business servicing in-home fitness equipment. Two years ago I was called out to the University to repair a treadmill at a dormitory. I arrived as scheduled and was led to the treadmill. As I was explaining what was needed for repair to the owner, a woman, we were interrupted by the most beautiful woman I have ever seen totally nude. Her lightly tanned skin was a unique contrast to her dark red hair and it just seemed to make her all the more stunning.

She had come to borrow a dress from my client. I turned so not to appear to be staring and cleared my throat. When she had noticed me she gasped and left. Lisa excused her and we continued our treadmill conversation. After about an hour the housemate (Whose name I learned was Jessie) returned to apologize for her nudity and said it was out of habit that she had done so. But I stopped her and said that I always consider it a rare privilege to behold such a beautiful woman and that she had nothing to apologize for. She was surprised at my point of view and we discussed it in detail the whole day and over dinner that night. That was the start of a long relationship Jessie that who has just consented to marry me. She still takes my breath away when she walks into the room nude, a sight I will never tire of.


"When I heard the shower I turned and looked toward the bathroom only to see the door open somewhat."

I'm certainly not a writer. But after reading a couple of your newsletters I thought you and your readers might enjoy this story of me when I was young.

Ed and I have been the best of friends since kindergarten days. We still are and will be for ever. In fact Ed's family who where much wealthier than my family used to kid that I was their other son. Ed & I did everything together.

When Ed's folks bought a place on the ski slopes it was my good fortune to be invited to ski with them on most occasions.

The day after I turned 15, we left for 4 days of skiing at there place. Ed and I where able to ski by our selves as his folks where confident that we knew what we were doing. His older brother didn't bother us much and his sister skied by herself most of the time. On the third day Ed and I where out doing our thing trying to get a jump from every bump we could find. Early in the after noon I landed wrong and fell breaking my arm. Ed's dad had to take me to the hospital and let my folks know. Since we would be returning the next night anyway everyone agreed that I could stay until Ed and his family returned.

The next morning, his folks and older brother left to go ski. I sat in the front room window and watched them put on there skies and go down the hill. I could see the lift and saw them go back up again.

A short time later I heard a noise and realized that Chris, Ed's 18 year old sister, was still in the house. She came out of her bedroom and stretched while asking me if I needed any thing. I could hardly answer as I could see her belly button under the top of her pajamas. I think I said no and she said she was going to take a shower. I wished she would stay and talk awhile so I could look at her more.

I turned and looked at the ski hill. When I heard the shower I turned and looked toward the bathroom only to see the door open somewhat. In the mirror I could see Chris total nude bent over adjusting the water. Her bottom was all I could really see and I could not turn away. I thought if only she would stand and turn around. As if on cue she did just that. She turn toward the mirror and started to put up her hair. She had long jet black hair. She stood there for long enough for me to see her breasts that looked like the nipples turned up just slightly. I thought they where really beautiful. A little whiter than the skin around them. She turned and got into the shower and I still sat there watching. When the shower turned off I became aware that I was still looking that way when she closed the door. A short time later she came out with a large towel wrapped around her and went into the bedroom without a word, but she had a smile that I still remember. When she went out to ski she said something like 'I hope your day will be better.'

Years later, Ed and his family invited my family up to ski. His folks still own the same place and they where there. To my great surprise so was Chris and her family. I had not seen her since Ed's wedding almost 10 years ago. I have been married for 14 years.

As would be my 12 year old son on the 2nd morning asked if this was the same place where I broke my arm. I told him yes and that I sat in the window right over there and watched the skiers all day, since Ed didn't come and keep me company. We all laughed and started out the door to ski. Chris came up and whispered in my ear 'I always knew you would be able to keep our secret.' This time I had the presence of mind to say that things looked to be as beautiful today as they where 24 years ago.


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I have been enjoying your Beauty of the Day and weekly newsletter for a few weeks or months now, and I finally decided to go ahead and buy a full membership. I'm just a poor college guy so I don't have a lot of money, but I decided I came to this site often enough that paying $20 for a membership would be worth it. As I pulled up the membership page, I noticed that a membership was only $10, not $20... what a pleasant surprise! But better was your site's content. For $10 a month I got more than I could ever hope for from one of the gigantic porn mega-sites, and all those have is unrealistic depictions of smut and filth. And they're $30 or $40 per month! I just don't understand how those places stay in business when there are such great alternatives. Your site is definitely the best of its kind I have seen." - Luca R

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