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One of the things that are very pleasing about running DOMAI is the way this site is so appreciated by women, and more and more so.

Many women appreciate the sight of a pretty girl just as much, if not more, than their boyfriends. And they can do this more easily than men can, because there is not the same tendency to suspect their motives for doing so, they can just admire beauty all they want. If you notice for instance interviews with actresses, they will very often point out the beauty of colleagues they admire.

So it is very satisfying to me, and an indicator of the success of the intentions of the club, that more and more women love DOMAI, often appreciating it with their husbands or boyfriends.

Our philosophy is that enjoying beauty is vitally important to anybody's mental health and happiness, and that since the beauty of woman is one of the best ones out there, it should be admired much more than it is. So that is our mission, to make it so.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Wyatt

"As she arose from the lake, slowly, I saw her shoulders and back, but still no swimsuit..."

I am a big fan of your site, and I have been viewing it for quite sometime. When I first came across it, I was enormously interested in your weekly newsletters, because they brought back to me memories of my teenage years, and the wonderful experiences surrounding them.

I live in the Northwestern United States, and have for the majority of my life; I say most because I traveled Europe for some months as a teenager. It was my time in Europe that is still so fresh in my memory. I was eighteen, and just fresh out of high school when I made the trip to Germany.

I planned to stay with some family of our neighbors, with whom I had become quite close (I should point out that it was the parents of my neighbors who often visited from Germany, too see their grandchildren). These grandparents only spoke German, and as I was studying German in school, I went next door to practice my knowledge. Through this, I gained a close relationship with them.

Before they had left the last time, they invited me to come and stay with them in Germany for an extended amount of time. I eagerly took them up on their offer, and with the consent of my parents, I was on my way to Germany only one week after graduation. The grandparents, who I call Oma and Opa, live in a small farming community, in Eastern Germany, and when I arrived there, I was given a "town welcoming". I actually arrived at the same time as the town picnic, but they told me it was also for me.

I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful German people, and practice my broken German too. It was at this same picnic that I first saw her. She looked to be my age, but I couldn't tell, and I was too afraid to go up and talk to her. She was beautiful. She had perfect bone structure, full luscious lips, and her eyes were stunning--tropic sea blue.

Throughout the whole afternoon, and evening, I observed her. The way she moved, the way she danced with the little children. Her body moved with the grace of a dancer, and her jeans and tank top only accentuated her beauty.

When the evening was over, I couldn't stop thinking about her, and I was hounding myself as to why I didn't try to speak with her. The next morning, I awoke to still thoughts of her, and wanted to see her, to watch her, to talk to her! After 10 or so days in the small town, and numerous bike rides I had become somewhat familiar with the layout of it, and where everything was situated, and had even located a secluded pond/lake in the middle of some field.

It took about 35 minutes to get there from where I was staying, but only because one had to force ones own trails, through the grain fields. When I arrived there one morning, perhaps half past seven, I appeared to be the only one there, which was the way I preferred it (so I thought). I liked to get a good swim in before breakfast, and as the water was perfect I thought I jump at the chance.

As I was putting on my bathing trunks, I thought I had heard something, and paused to hear what it was. After waiting a few minutes in silence and hearing nothing further, I ran into the water to begin my swim. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear a splash come from behind me, and as I turn around, I see a dangling rope swing, and a person emerge from the water. The minute I saw a head pop out, I knew it was her.

Still watching, I could tell that she knew I was there, but she swam back to shore, to what I assumed was leave. This was where my life changed. As she arose from the lake, slowly, I saw her shoulders and back, but still no swimsuit.... then her lower back.... and then her totally bare bottom. I could hardly believe it!

She not only headed out of the water, totally nude, she headed for the rope swing again. After a second time on the rope swing, and after I had resumed to breathe, to my shock, she swam to me, took hold of my hand and half pulled me to the beach. Again, she walked out of the water, but this time I was right behind her, watching her move. She didn't seem shy or embarrassed at all, just friendly.

When she turned around, I beheld her breasts, not too large, but still full and round, slightly perky. I began to speak, when she took her finger and put it on my lips, to silence me. She again retrieved my hand and led me to the rope swing, where we swung together for quite some time, saying scarcely anything at all, but simply laughing together.

I never did find out her name, nor did I see her again after that morning, but I do know that she had a profound affect on me, instilling a love for the female body, and for nudism. DOMAI, viewing your website brings back the memories I have of the angel that I beheld that crisp morning in Germany. Thank you for refreshing my fondest of teenage memories, and I hope that the world begins to understand, through your website, what art, and the freedom of expression can have on us.

Thank-you, Wyatt.

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