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I am in the process of reinforcing an old personal policy I made once: not to get mixed up in politics. It is not easy always, but the result when I do is always the same: confusion and degradation. It seems to me that politics is a rat's nest of insanity and lies, and that most politicians are lying weasels.

I was a bit sad when at least one reader misinterpreted my comment last week that I was "from a liberal background". I have clarified it now, but at that point I had not made it clear that when I said "liberal", I did not mean "left-wing" or "democrat".

I had even looked it up, and here is what the dictionary says:

lib·er·al, adj.
1: Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
2: Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

See? No mention of Bill Clinton or Al Gore.

I think it is a crime that basic words in our language are co-opted by political and commercial forces, thus corrupting our ability to communicated clearly.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from James

"... I firmly believe the most beautiful of His works are women."

I am a conservative Christian. And I am graduate of a conservative Christian school known by many. Having said this, the reader might think I am about to launch into a critical sermon against nudity in photography. On the contrary my fellow DOMAI admirers.

God, the Creator, has painted many beautiful works of art in His wonderful universe. But I firmly believe the most beautiful of His works are women. And the women of are some of the finest examples of this art form I have seen.

Furthermore, DOMAI does such a wonderful job of presenting God's works of art. The photos are tasteful, and beautiful, and artistic in themselves. I have no doubt in my mind it is more than ok to enjoy the photos on, and not sinful. In fact, I have felt the love and friendship of the Spirit of God within me while gazing upon the beauty displayed on these web pages.

I realize many disagree with my opinion. But I am glad the Lord Jesus has made it known to me it is no sin to enjoy the photos of the women of DOMAI. I am not saying all nude photos are absent of sin. Some websites and publications manage to turn the Creator's female works of art into something akin to garbage, because of the way they are posed or otherwise presented. Those photos make the women look trashy.

However, the photos on DOMAI are very tasteful. I think they lift up the beauty of women. And I have a great deal of respect for these women, and appreciate vastly the way DOMAI presents them. The photos found here do not degrade women. Thank you DOMAI for showing the beauty of God via His magnificent works of art. I can see the awesomeness of God in the greatness of His creation.

And I love the women of DOMAI. I hope to meet each of them someday in Heaven. I have made my homepage. Keep up the good work. God loves you all. And in closing I would like to briefly mention the girls of DOMAI are in my prayers, because I think so highly of them.

James P

Newsletter archive

"Its simply that I've come to love your offerings and do not want to miss out on your regular soul healing gifts. I know that it sounds trite but I have really come to cherish your new photographic offerings of truly beautiful women each week. Many times I log on before I leave for work with the expectation of finding something quite wondrous and beautiful. Its not that I dwell on these women but rather it reminds me how important such beauty really is to me. This gives me a peace of mind that is only compared to spending time in my garden or perhaps taking a nice hike." - Norm Clark

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