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This week's letter, apart from being a cute story, tells of something that is happening a lot these days: using a site like DOMAI to show to prospective nude models, who may otherwise have only porn as a reference. This has proven very successful in showing models that there is a growing movement of photographers and audiences who appreciate the beauty of woman, and who respects that beauty, and the woman.

This I encourage doing if you are a photographer looking for models. If having a web-enabled computer nearby is an issue, you are welcome to print out a couple of pages from DOMAI, including text and pictures which you feel are representative, and bring the pages to show your prospective model. It is a matter of much pride to me that women tend to like DOMAI a lot.

We need to get the word out about "simple nudes". Currently this is like 0.01% of the nude art market, a tiny speck amidst a sea of boring porn. But it need not be this way, and more and more people are finding this out. Right now it is just DOMAI and a small handful of sites (many inspired by DOMAI), but I have set as a goal that in 2020 the market will be 10%. I don't see why not.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Don

"'It seemed as if I had spent my whole life tugging at bathing suits, trying to make sure they covered me, adjusting my skirts and sitting correctly so nothing showed.'"


While visiting family over the holidays, I was chatting with a very attractive cousin of mine. She is a lovely and shapely 18-year-old, with dark black hair and milky blue eyes.

She was straightening up her room as we spoke and I noticed her holding a thick manila envelope. She hesitated at first when I asked what it contained, but then she smiled and handed it to me. "Take a look," she said, "You'll see your cousin in a whole new way."

I opened the envelope and a stack of color photographs spilled out, all with my cousin posed gloriously in the nude. The photographs were so spectacular (she is athletic, well developed, and in terrific shape), all I could manage was a breathless, "Wow!"

She watched me, smiling slyly as I leafed through the photos. They seemed to have been taken in a photo studio with a tropical island backdrop. In some, she was draped across a beach chair. In others, she sat on a step-stool with her back arched and her proud breasts jutting forward. In others, a thick nautical rope was wrapped around her naked torso. The contrast between the rough rope and her smooth bare skin was incredible.

When I had recovered my senses, I asked how she came to be in such photos. "Remember that vacation cruise my parents and I took last year?" she asked. "There was a ship photographer who took pictures of families as they arrived for dinner. The proofs were supposed to be delivered to our cabin, but our order was mixed up and had pictures of another family. Dad was annoyed and asked me to take the pictures back. That's how I got to know Kevin."

"Kevin was in his 20s and ran a little photo studio below decks," she continued. "He was sweet and totally apologetic. He promised to print the correct pictures and have them delivered that evening. Then he asked if he could make up for the mistake by taking some free portraits of me. 'I'm not really dressed for a portrait,' I explained. I has been headed for the pool, so all I had on was a bathing suit and a terrycloth robe. 'That's alright,' he said. 'We can take glamour photos with you in that, if you like.'

"I wasn't at all happy with my old bathing suit, I'd forgotten to buy a new one before the cruise. And I doubted that I'd look glamorous. But I had often fantasized about being a model, so I said, 'Let's give it a try.'

"Kevin was totally professional. He'd explain the effect he was going for in each shot and tell me how to pose. From time to time he'd walk up and, with just his fingertips, tilt my head a certain way or turn my shoulders. I felt self-conscious at first, but he seemed very happy with what he was getting, so I soon relaxed.

"Kevin had a computer system that instantly showed how the photos were coming out. When he showed some to me, I realized what a terrific photographer he was. It was a shame though, because I totally hated my old bathing suit. It was ruining the beautiful pictures!

"Kevin picked up on my disappointment and suggested two solutions. I could go to the on-board gift shop, which had a limited selection of bathing suits. 'On the other hand,' he said, 'Have you ever considered posing in the nude?'

"My first thought was 'No way!' I told Kevin how I visited a friend once and her brother had this disgusting porn site on his computer. I would die before I took photographs like that! Kevin understood and took me to his notebook computer, where he showed me some photographs he had downloaded from a website. These were quite different. The girls looked so natural and beautiful! I would be happy if a photographer could make me look like that." [My cousin didn't note the website, but I'll bet those pictures were from DOMAI!]

She continued her story, "Kevin closed off the studio so ship passengers wouldn't walk in. Then he suggested that I pose in front of a tropical island backdrop. It was the moment of truth ... time to take off my bathing suit. I asked him to wait as I collected my nerve. It seemed as if I had spent my whole life tugging at bathing suits, trying to make sure they covered me, adjusting my skirts and sitting correctly so nothing showed. And now I was going to be completely naked in front of some guy I barely knew.

"Then I thought to myself, 'Someday I'll meet and marry the right man. I can give him these photographs as a surprise anniversary gift. Or maybe when I'm old and pruney, these photos can remind me how good I looked in my prime.' I turned away from the camera and undid my bathing suit top. Then I slid off the bottom and tossed both pieces to the side."

"Were you nervous?" I asked.

"A little," she answered, "I still had my back to the camera and my arms crossed over my chest. I turned and faced Kevin, who gave me this encouraging smile and told me I looked terrific. He asked if he could start photographing. I took a deep breath, dropped my arms to my sides and said, 'Feel free!' It was a strangely exciting sensation, standing naked before a photographer. My bare skin was tingling. I was so aware of being completely exposed.

"And then, faster than I thought possible, I began to get used to it. Kevin would explain the pose he wanted, adjust the lights and take a few shots. Then he'd suggest another pose and repeat the process. He was so cool and professional. Before I knew it, I was leaning back on that step stool, not worried about what was showing. I felt like every part of me was beautiful and appreciated."

My cousin leafed through the photographs and told me a little about how they were taken, how the nautical rope wasn't as heavy as it looked, but very scratchy.

I myself found it strange to sit with her, looking through photographs that so were completely revealing. But she seems to have become quite comfortable with being nude as a result of this experience. I have gained, too, because I now have memorable images that will remain forever etched in my brain. And my cousin's future husband, whoever that lucky man may be, has an amazing anniversary gift in store!

Don S

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"Its simply that I've come to love your offerings and do not want to miss out on your regular soul healing gifts. I know that it sounds trite but I have really come to cherish your new photographic offerings of truly beautiful women each week. Many times I log on before I leave for work with the expectation of finding something quite wondrous and beautiful. Its not that I dwell on these women but rather it reminds me how important such beauty really is to me. This gives me a peace of mind that is only compared to spending time in my garden or perhaps taking a nice hike." - Norm Clark

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