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Hi guys, how you doing?

I was recently interviewed for a magazine about DOMAI and other things. We bring the interview here for all those who did not see it. I hope you enjoy it. Like always, I welcome feedback.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Eolake Stobblehouse interview

To start off, where are you from and how did you first get interested in photography?

I was born and raised in Denmark, which is a lovely, cultured, and very small country. I currently live in England, partly because while England is not as "comfortable" as Denmark, it is more "plugged into" the planet's spiritual events. More going on, both good and bad. Also, one of the few bad things about DK is an evil tax rate; it goes up to 70%.

I got a cheap camera as a gift from an aunt when I was about... ten or something. Being the eccentric I am, I started experimenting with the camera to find out how the camera's perception of perspective differed from the human eye's. Like, if you stand in front of a row of houses, and look to the left, the lines meet at the horizon. And the same if you look to the right. And yet the lines apparently do never curve. How do you explain that? (The answer by the way is that the film is flat, while the retina in the eye is curved. The brain corrects the curved lines because we know intellectually that they are straight.)

As a teenager I was hugely into photography. It was a creative and spiritual birth for me. I still love it like few things.

The Internet is saturated with nudey sites yet as the founder of, how does your website differ from the rest?

Other sites tend to be either porn sites, with an emphasis on sex, or Fine Art sites, with an emphasis on Art. DOMAI is what I have dubbed "simple nudes", which has an emphasis on the beauty of the model, without drowning it with either sex or Art. It is a new focal point, and recently there are coming a new generation of web sites with the same principle. Most of the authors are telling me that they were inspired by DOMAI, so that is quite amazing.

In fact, you call it a 'bit of an abnormality' because it has nude girls, but it is not an "adult site" per se. So, is it okay to get turned on while surfing your pages of beautiful naked ladies?

For all I care, you can get turned on by looking daisies in the field. Really not for me to judge.

But I am often hearing about how some people, when they are getting used to DOMAI, get sort of distracted from the sexuality they had been expecting, and gain a new sense of the importance of the beauty. This I think is very cool. Of course you can't force something like that.

Does 'DOMAI' mean "simple nudes"? DOMAI is a very cosmopolitan sounding name... do you hope to attract visitors from every corner of the globe?

Sure. In the Internet age, there is no reason to pay attention to the borders of old. And indeed visitors come from every country that has Internet connections.

The name actually is an old joke. I did not see anything wrong with looking at pretty girls, so I started the "Dirty Old Men's Association International", or DOMAI. To me it is obviously a joke, but unfortunately the proliferation of porn spam with disgusting attitudes have made the joke falter a bit. Which saddens me, because I still like that joke. I even wrote an entire faux history of the club, going back to 1938!

There are also some stories (or rather vignettes) on-line. Although not the kind of erotic stories that normally appear on nekkid net pages. How would you describe these stories?

Like the art, just joy of the beauty of pretty women, bare. They are not erotic.

Who is your ideal/average surfer of DOMAI? More mature clientele? Or somebody looking for a more fine art-slant to porn?

Yes, more mature, and to my mind potentially more main stream.

It is a good bet that I could make much more money if I focused more on sex, and on recruiting the porn audience. But it is not really what I am interested in.

For example, the porn audience is often interested in quantity. Big tits, and many, many pictures. These guys want thousands of new pictures per week. I don't think they ever have time to look at their collections, they are so busy building them. In contrast, DOMAI only updates with three times twenty pictures per week. But the pictures are worthwhile, because they are hand picked and developed for the site. And DOMAI is aimed at the audience who is an intelligent, busy professional, who likes pretty girls and beautiful pictures, and who does not have the time or interest in thousands of new pictures per month. What would he do with them? Focus is on quality, not quantity.

One of DOMAI's members likened adult sites, and even Playboy, to hard liquor, and DOMAI to a fine wine. People have to grow up a lot before they will prefer a fine wine to something that will just get them drunk fast.

"Simple nudes" is a brand new market. It could only happen a few decades after the legalization of porn. Now people are getting a bit tired of porn, it was fun as long as it was still taboo. Some people are starting to see that the beauty of a pretty girl nude is at leasts as strong a force as the sexuality that may or may not be connected with her.

This market right now is a tiny gnat compared with the porn market. But just watch it. By 2020 it will be a significant presence in the culture.

I very much enjoyed the site - it is quite innocent to enjoy the female form, yes?

I never understood those who said anything else. Some people can see sin anywhere, I guess.

Best of luck with DOMAI, and do you have any other works/websites in the pipeline?

There is, which I made in the winter, and which is a site designed to popularize the "simple nudes" concept.
Also new is, with some personal rants and philosophizing.
I am also trying to do more creative writing, we'll see how it turns out.

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