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The expansion and success of a movement can be measured in three areas: 1) the acceptance in the public; 2) the acceptance in the media; and 3) the acceptance in the intelligentsia.

The first one is obviously by far the most important, and for the Simple Nudes movement that DOMAI is spearheading, this has already been going on for a while. We are now in the top 3000 of the most popular web sites in the world. Not bad for something that is not porn, and is not built on any traditional pre-existing media outlet!

Still I note with pleasure that the two other ones are happening now also. Regarding the second one, one of my most popular photographers and myself are scheduled very soon to be filmed and interviewed by one of the biggest cable TV channels in the world, talking about Simple Nudes and showing how we photograph our models. Of course I will advice here when the show is on.

As to the third one, we were contacted by noted feminist scholar Claudia Moscovici, who is a professor the University of Michigan, and who has published several books on feminist theory and women's sensuality, including Erotisms and From Sex Objects to Sexual Subjects. Ms. Moscovici is kindly allowing us to publish a preview of her upcoming collection of erotic love poems, called The Painful Poignancy of Desire, and she prefaces it with a telling introduction about DOMAI and Simple Nudes. Please read below.

Eolake Stobblehouse

By Claudia Moscovici

A commonplace saying tells us that there's a fine line between sensuality and sexuality. We also believe that there's a difference between pornography and art. In fact, these two distinctions often blend into one another. For we tend to regard art as sensual and pornography as sexual. Warding off the charge of pornography, photography, sculpture and painting often veil the human body, especially the more eroticized female nude, by representing it in aesthetic poses and allegorical situations which evoke thoughts, emotions, and dreams, not only carnal desires.

If the boundary between pornography and art is so hotly debated, however, it's partly because it's drawn by our subjective reactions. Who is to say that an aesthetic pose elevates the mind and not just the senses? DOMAI photography confronts this problem not by transforming the nude into a work of art, but by illustrating so palpably the distinction between sensuality and sexuality. DOMAI's nudes are undeniably sensual. Emotion, thought, and sensation can hardly be separated when we gaze at these pictures.

DOMAI's nudes are also undeniably beautiful. But not by being artistic or aesthetic. For DOMAI photography does not envelop the nudes in any story; it does not contort the female body in positions that emphasize the fluidity of its shape, its roundness, its symmetry, its curves. We're faced only with beautiful, simple images.

The postromantic love poems I join to these images evoke in words the feminine beauty, emotions and desires that are celebrated by sensual photography and art.

Claudia Moscovici

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