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Well, the next week (until 25 July 2003) will be occupied with travelling for me, and I will be quite busy, so forgive me if any emails you send will be answered very briefly or not at all.

Anyway, should be fun, I might get a chance to do some more photography myself, if I do and it is any good, I will show it of course here in the newsletter.

Oh, by the way (reminded by the lovely letter below), DOMAI has a lack of dark-skinned beauties, but not by preference. It is just that nobody sends us any! So if you know a good photographer who shoots such, please refer him to our photographers' page.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Brendon

"Her skin dark as chocolate, smooth as silk and as unblemished as a fine pearl."


Firstly my thanks to you for a superbly exquisite site. My week is not the same without a visit to your site.

I would like to contribute an experience I enjoyed many years ago that I hope will find its way on to your site.

The mid 80's in South Africa was a time of serious social upheaval, the apartheid government was still in control and inter racial contact of any kind was a serious no-no. It was under these circumstances that I enjoyed an experience that has stayed with me for all my life and eventually dramatically changed me for the better.

Our family lived on a beautiful farm out in the Free State area, my father employed many laborers and all of these had families that stayed on the farm property - away from the main house as the law dictated. Myself and my brother and some of the young black boys would play together, running and playing in the fields in the winter months and getting rowdy in the farms many natural rock pools in the summer months. During all this time quietly the young girls grew too although we had no interest in them at all, at least I did not, until one baking hot afternoon in the middle of summer.

The summer heat in the Free State has to be experience to be appreciated, although I can tell you on that particular day the temperature was over 38C degrees. My brother had gone away for the week to visit friends and the thought of cycling all the way to invite the other boys to come swim with me was just too much effort. So I pulled on my swimming trunks, grabbed my towel, jumped on my bike and headed for the rock pool. The pool was about a kilometer and a bit from the house, beautifully shaded, large trees protected the water from the sun, keeping it wonderfully cool and a small waterfall had formed just a bit to the left of the pool after the last rains.

I approached the pool, dropped my bike at the entrance to the path and began the 100 meter walk to the pool. As I got closer the sound of singing caught my attention. I stopped for a moment and listened to the voice but could not recognize it, so slowly I began to creep up to the pool. I approached and took cover behind a large tree. Thoughts of jumping out from behind the tree and scaring the daylights out of my as yet unknown victim filled my boyish mind with mischievous delight. I mentally practiced my big scare for a few moments and once I was sure I had it right, I jumped out from behind the tree and.... fell mute. There in front of me was the most beautiful creature I could have ever imagined, naked in all her glory. It took a moment for me to see what was in front of me, but a lifetime would not be enough to erase it from my mind.

The sun streamed through a gap in the tree line and this is exactly where my goddess stood. Her skin dark as chocolate, smooth as silk and as unblemished as a fine pearl. Her eyes dark as 2 bottomless pools, her lips full and inviting. Her breasts youthfully firm and delicate. Not a mark, not a blemish, not a spot interrupted her beauty. A beauty that ran down from her beautiful breasts, across her unblemished stomach and down 2 beautifully defined legs, a beauty only interrupted by a shriek of surprise. A shriek that vanished as fast as she did as she dived into the pool. Her spell for a moment was broken and I thought of running back down the path and getting away, but something made me stay, something made me run to the waters edge and look for her. Then no more than 2 arms lengths away she rose up out of the water, majestic, beautiful, lovely..... and gave me such a fright that I fell into the water.

After that it was impossible to do anything but laugh as I lifted myself out of the water spluttering and coughing. Nompumalelo as I found out her name was or Norma as she became known to me, reached out a hand and helped me up. We spent the rest of the afternoon, talking, laughing, playing and not once did she bother to get dressed, not once was she ashamed of her body, not once was there a hint of discomfort. Her innocence and beauty broke down every social barrier those around me had worked for so long to build up. Eventually the day drew to an end and she headed her way and I headed mine, but the next day she was back and so was I, and the next and the next. We grew closer with each passing day and our love grew for each other. A love that eventually blossomed into the marriage and 2 children we now have together.


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