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As much as many of us get hot and bothered in too-warm weather, there is an upside: the more appropriate (read: less material) mode of dress the women get into in such weather. Having just returned from a trip to Prague, I must say that it was very hot there, but also that the women were wonderful. Also (in line with Howard's letter below), they had an excellent tendency to not wear bras, a practice I can fully get behind. I don't think bras are aesthetic at all, they snare in the body and break the lines of the female form. And if a girl does not need a bra for support, I don't see any good reason to wear any.

Also, about looking and admiring beautiful women: many of us, even I, have been a little shy, and if a woman sees us looking, we look away, and pretend it was only accidental. "What, me, admiring you? No no, I never do anything." I had the realization yesterday that it is a much better policy to simply keep looking for a moment, and smile at her. What's she going to do, hit you? (If she does, at least that is open and honest.) If people see you acting like you have been caught in something, the natural assumption is that you have done something wrong. If you are acting open and honest and happy, then people will feel that you are in your full right, which is of course the case. Also I don't know anybody who do not appreciate being smiled at.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Howard

"A sudden gust of wind lifted the bottom of what skirt there was and lifted it clean up to her waist."


I just had to share a wonderful moment I have just experienced at the supermarket of all places.

I was calling in to the shop to buy a few necessities and some ice cream to help me deal with the unusually hot weather in the UK at the moment. I live on the coast and so during the tourist season it is not unusual to see females in vest tops (usually with a differently coloured bra strap clearly showing, which I find particularly unattractive, but that's just me), shorts or short skirts and so on. However, today I saw a PYG ["Pretty Young Girl" - Eolake] whose summer dress blew me away.

Now I have always been a fan of summer dresses on women, with their light floaty material, thin straps and large amounts of uncovered skin, and I think women look good in them. This particular PYG had chosen a pretty red number with small white flowers printed all over the material. The bootlace straps crossed over at the back - making wearing a bra underneath it practically impossible if you want to have any air of sophistication about you - so I was pleased to see that she had chosen not to wear one.

Her tan was warm and even, and the lack of lighter marks over her bare shoulders clearly indicating that when she did sunbathe it was done topless. The skirt of the dress barely brushed the top of her thighs, yet was quite full and flouncy. In all the ensemble had obviously been picked to take maximum advantage of both the bright sunshine and any cooling breeze there might be. Furthermore she had shoulder length auburn hair done into pig tails behind each ear, both of which I like very much.

As I followed her out of the building I got a real treat. A sudden gust of wind lifted the bottom of what skirt there was and lifted it clean up to her waist. There on display was a beautiful, firm looking bottom, devoid of underwear, which just like her shoulders had the same even tan to it. One could imagine that she spent much time outside in the nude and had slipped just this dress on to go to the shops. What made the scene all the more refreshing was that she made no desperate grab to tug the skirt down again, letting it relax back gently into place as she walked on.

I thought to myself how wonderful that she could feel so relaxed and comfortable and unashamed with her body even in such a potentially embarrassing environment. I then felt a small twinge of guilt enjoying this sight, having only the previous weekend proposed marriage to my girlfriend (now fiancee - she said 'yes' ;o) ). Then I thought of DOMAI and the pictures and stories on the site, how enjoying beauty was something to be cherished and rejoice in, and the guilt went away. Appreciating beauty in whatever form it takes cannot be bad, and the fact that I had taken pleasure in the sight of this PYG in no way affected my love for my fiancee. The PYG walked on down the road happy and carefree while I got into my oven-like car.

A lovely moment on a hot day.


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