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I should have me noggin examined for even mentioning religion, but recently I have been contacted by a couple of people, one of them a Christian minister, and one of them a devoted Hindu, and both of them told me the same thing: our religion does not teach against nudity, but everybody thinks it does.

This made me curious, so I had a talk with a religious scholar I know, and he confirmed that I suspected: that none of the major religions teach against nudity. In each case, it is something that has been added later by politicians (or political religious men in power), and assigned to the religion. It is an obvious trick: they want the population to behave a certain way. And if they just say "do this because I say so", then the population will mostly give them the finger. But if they teach that it is part of the religion, it gets obeyed, and over time it gets so ingrown that nobody can any longer distinguish between what is original teachings and what was added.

Let me stress right here: I have no quarrel with man's beliefs. Anybody can believe what they want. I just think that it is well advised for anybody to take a hard look for themselves as to what the original teachers actually said, rather than just take the local minister's opinion as gospel. No?

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Richard

"Interestingly, in the Book of Genesis chapter 2 it says they were naked and 'not ashamed'."

What a breathe of fresh air DOMAI is.

I am an ordained Minister who is involved in counselling married couples. Of late more and more of my counsel has involved men being directed my way by our lady counsellors of which the wives are complaining of their husbands looking at pornography. The men, the women are ashamed of themselves. They are unsatisfied.

This is a new area for me so it entailed me having to do investigative study so that I had an idea of what they were referring to. It is one sickening experience. One gets sicker and sicker the more they pursue the smut. Prior to my conversion to Christianity I was loose and fancy free as to the ladies. There was not to much I did not know about. Pornography was not one of my fortes though. However what I was hearing of being called pornography, to me sounded too general. Why, even the Sears catalog was being called pornography. In bra and panties. In full one piece bathing suits. Hem lines to high, necklines to low. Pornography??? Something wrong here, I thought.

I have always been attracted by beautiful women. I married one. I am in my 45th year with her. Everywhere one goes there are more than the eye can behold. My stiff neck is loosening up - again. In fact I have been called "to" on more than one occasion by my fellow pastors for commenting on "isn't that a beauty." I now add "a beauty - of God."

I am a firm believer of the Word of God. It is very clear in Genesis 1 chapter 1 that God made male and female. In fact He says they were very good. He was pleased with His handy-work. As a good man of God, I am to admire the creation of God. I always did. But then after hearing so much from the church leaders (so called) of the wrongs in society how that looking at women is sex, therefore immoral. Wrong. I thought my seniors were probably correct - but today I have more doubts than true facts. Now a senior, I am finding I do not agree with their ideas.

Eolake, I like your site philosophy. In fact I see it as a freeing of the bondage that has been put on society over the years. Sex is trying to rule the world. The word sex is in the Bible only as referring to gender.

Why is it every time a pretty woman is featured on TV she is referred to as sexy (looking)? That is what degrades a woman. Telling a woman she is beautiful does not degrade her. However telling a woman (someone you do not personally know) that she is beautiful could (and does) get one into trouble today. Unfortunately some women feel degraded by being told they are pretty. They think of it as a come on. Woman need to learn that they are beautiful. There is no shame in a beautiful woman - and neither a beautiful woman nude.

Interestingly, in the Book of Genesis chapter 2 it says they were naked and "not ashamed." It is when sin entered that they became "ashamed" and covered their nakedness. Says a lot about today doesn't it? We are losing the innocence - if it is not lost already. Nakedness is getting more and more shameful. Only because it is seen as sex (sin.)

And it is with your site "DOMAI" and "Simple Nudes", it is the innocence, free of sexual perversion, that is so refreshing. I can sit and admire the creations of God just as I can admire His creation of nature. Free of any guilt knowing - God created woman.

As I read many of the newsletters I realized that what man needs is a wholesome site to look at. A site of a woman on DOMAI. I like the letters from women confirming your site.

I have sat here debating whether to join your site as a member. In my position of the so called cloth, I fear what could be (mis)interpreted by my joining and someone found out. My wife handles my accounts. May be a little fear I need to overcome to be truly free. I am honoured by being able to view so many beautiful women freely. I think this is a great credit to you. Most sites give only a picture or two and an enlargement needs a membership. To me it is the quality, not necessarily quantity that is so refreshing. I think more will join you because they see in your site a genuine philosophy that society wants, something better than the smut that is being put out on women. She is NOT a sex object, she is a beauty to behold.

I would have no problem referring my couples to your site. It is clean, pure and beautiful. There is no suggestive positions to cause one the be sexually aroused. Innocence as God Himself intended.

Keep up the excellent work Eolake.

- Richard

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