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I saw an interview with beautiful Natalie Portman. She was commenting on her outfits in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. She said: "I am eighteen now, so it should be OK to show a bit of belly."

And I read an interview with Kirsten Dunst, another beautiful and talented young actress of many excellent movies. The interviewer complimented her on the look of her wet tee-shirt in the rain in the Spiderman movie. She said: "... You shouldn't even be asking me this... Well, it's cold outside... it's a very natural thing... I mean, get over it... guys will like it I guess... but, you know..." And she was relieved when the interviewer mercifully changed the subject.

My point is, these are young, modern, liberated women, successful professionals. And they are hugely uncomfortable with even the slightest show of their pretty bodies. What a crying shame this is. While we certainly have made a lot of progress since Victorian times, we still have a ways to go.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Faerie Time
By Britty Kitty

He found me stark naked, nude as a newborn baby. Now obviously that's no way for a proper lady to behave, but it was the faeries who bewitched me into such a predicatment. Dreadfully mischievious little things, bewitched me and that is how I ended up rolling drunkenly about in the daffodils and long grasses in the woods. I was rather embarrased when the poor man found me, I probably looked quite insane but he was kind enough to offer me he cloak and make sure I got home safely.

It had all started in the earlier morning when I'd gone for a walk. I'd become bored with the familiar surroundings of my home and so ventured into the nearby woods with a sketchbook in hand. I spent the first half hour in peace, walking and occasionally stopping to sketch anything that happened to catch my eye. Then, as I was kneeling in front of a lovely rose I'd found I heard an odd sound that did not belong to the trees.

I closed my book and wandered away to investigate. As I followed this sound it bacame cear that it was music, a steady beating of drums accompanied by the graceful whistle of wood flutes and other various instuments. Soon the sounds of laughter, shouting, and singing drifted into the mixture as well.

I was becoming quite curious as to what all this noise was about and just where it was coming from. Oh, as soon as I caught sight of them I was competely taken by surprise. I quickly ducked behind a bundle plants and watched the throng completely amazed! Faeries! And so many of them too! All of them dancing and enjoying themselves on this wonderfully warm summer day. Some dressed in elaborate clothing that sparkled and shimmered inthe sum, others dancing in circles totally carefree and in the nude. I'd counted at least fifty before I was startled by a gentle tugging at my dress. I looked down to see three pairs of eyes looking back up at me. I'd been discovered and blushed deeply having been caught spying upon their gathering. They simply laughed.

One bowed slightly to me, her hair was a glittery pink mess and her lavender eyes sparkled with playfulness.

"Good day fair lady," she said with a little chuckle that tinkled like a bell, "My name is Foxglove, would you care to accompany us to the gathering?"

Invited?! To a fairy gathering no the less! Oh the tales I'd heard of faeries and the glorious troubles they caused. But of course I payed little attention to such warnings, seeing these fairies roused my curiousity far to much to refuse such an offer.

I nodded in agreement and the dumbfounded look that must have been upon my face brought about mischievious wave of laugther.

"Well then, drink this and you can come along!" said the little Foxglove as she handed me a crystallin container filled with a strange liquid.

I raised the stuff warily to my mouth and let it drip down my throat. Oh what a rush! Almost painfully sweet, cool and hot at the same time as it washed over and around my tounge. The faeries rocked with laughter as the watched. Dear Foxglove took my hand, "All right milady, you're the right size now, shall we be on our way?" Quite right she was, I was no taller than any of them now, about as tall as the length of a human hand I'd say.

But oh what a romp it was! I drank up glasses and glasses of sweet fairy mead until I was stumbling and dancing about drunkenly with the others. We danced and danced among the flowers and sang to the wind and trees. The whole world became a whirl of colors and music. On and on we danced until we collapsed in a fit of laughter. And oh how we laughed, sweating sweet liquid and singing fairy songs. I rolled about under the foxgloves naked and laughing and gazed up at the bright blue sky, it had never looked so beautiful!

A shadow fell over me and for a few moments I felt I would cry for somebody was blocking my view of the glorious sky.

"Lady Lorrel? Are you quite alright?!" asked an alarmed voice. "You shouldn't be lollygagging around in such a way, whot, without any clothes on! What if somebody was to find you, I'm sure they wouldn't approve at all!"

I sat up quite confused, the smile had quickly faded from my face and was replaced by the deepest red blushing. Extremely embarrased and completely confused I searched hopelessly for the faeries and a way to explain myself. No such luck either way.

The kind gentleman offered me his cloak as we could not find my dress. As he walked me home I couldn't help but think the faeries left me there on purpose for I honestly believe I could hear their laughter from the trees above. However the occassional glance at the man revealed he heard no such laughter.

May you take my story as a warning, faeries are great mischief makers indeed!

The End

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