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This week's letter brings up a good point: that of respect. Respect for something good, something beautiful, something powerful. I think that an innate respect for these things shows the respect you have for yourself, and your perception of the goodness in the universe.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letter of the week, from Marco

"As if God himself wanted to say: 'This is how I meant it to be... let Me shine a light on this...'."


As a longtime subscriber to your newsletter I have experienced the joy of reading the stories of other members and watching the lovely and tasteful pictures of the beautiful young girls on your website for quite some time now. If I weren't a student who is always short of money, this website would be the first (and probably also the only one) that I would join. Most sites make the girls look like cheap models who are only on the earth to please men. I am totally disgusted by these sorts of sites. DOMAI on the other hand, makes the girls look like the pieces of art they deserve to be.

After receiving your latest newsletter with the pictures of the breathtaking Vlada posing in the woods, a flashback shot through my mind. I would like to share this flashback with you.

About three years ago, my cousin (he was 20 years old at that time, just like me) were spending our holidays together in Norway. As we both adore the lovely nature, we figured there was no better way to spend our holidays than to go backpacking in the beautifull country of Norway. We both didn't have a girlfriend at that time, so it was just the two of us and nobody at home to worry about us. We visited the amazing wild nature on the coast of Norway with the beautiful fjords during the day and went to the local pubs in the evening. And as we were staring at the gorgeous (mostly blonde) local girls, we were bragging to each other what we would do when we had a girlfriend like "that pretty, tall, blonde girl over there". None of us had the guts to step up to one of these girls as the prettiest girls were always accompanied by their huge and muscular boyfriends.

But the more beer we had been drinking (which cost us a fortune by the way...) the more we were bragging to each other about what we would be doing with a girlfriend like that and what we had been doing with previous girlfriends. Most of it untrue of course, but that is just how it goes with 20yo students who are drinking to much: their mouths get bigger than their brains.

After enjoying the lovely nature and fun nights out in the pub for almost three weeks, our holiday was about to end. We had one more night and one more day to spend. On our way back to Oslo (from where we would depart two days later) we decided to spend our last evening and day in a small village called Nesbyen. We arrived there in the afternoon and after cooking ourselves a simple meal, we decided to spend our last money in the local pub. It was a thursday evening in June and it was not very crowded there. My cousin and I sat down at the bar and ordered a few beers.

Before we had finished our first beers, two of the most gorgeous young girls came in. The first girl was a very pretty, blonde girl with a very tiny figure. And the other girl, I swear to God, looked exactly like the breathtaking brunette Vlada you showed in last weeks newsletter. They were both wearing simple summerskirts loosely around their sun-tanned bodies.

My cousin and I looked at each other and we were both obviously thinking the same thing. We got up, walked to the two girls and tried to make conversation, offering them drinks, obviously hitting on them. They made quite clear they were not at all interested in us. And I must say that I can't blame them, as they were obviously way out of our leagues. Disappointed as we were, we went back to our seats, ordering more beer. And after a couple of beers our big mouths were there again. And as we had been drinking way to much by the end of the evening, we were now making slightly degrading remarks about the girls, just loud enough for them to hear us. I'm getting kinda sick of myself, looking back at how we behaved at that moment.

The next morning we woke up early to spend out last day walking in the hills. While we were following a route leading towards a small lake somewhere high in the hills, we were talking about the night before and the beautiful girls that were not at all interested in us. After walking for about three hours we reached out target: a lovely quiet lake, deep in the woods in the hills where no cars could ever come. We decided to rest there for a little while, sitting in the tall grass in the shadow of the trees. After we had been sitting there for maybe fifteen minutes we all of a sudden heard some voices. It turned out that like fifty meters further on, two girls were enjoying the quietness as well.

As they were completely hidden by the tall grass, we still couldn't see them, but we could only hear their voices. My cousin and I looked at each other and remained silent. Then, all of a sudden the two girls stood up, arising from the grass. We were pleasantly surprised to see the two girls we met at the bar last night, standing up, wearing nothing but their bras and panties. We made sure to stay down in the grass so the girls wouldn't see us. I saw a big grin on my cousins face as the girls were walking towards the lake, never even looking in our direction.

Just before they walked into the water they stopped and took off their underwear. Just standing there completely naked, looking at each other for just a split second before they walked into the lake. They swam and played in the water for a few minutes The lake was only like one meter deep, so when the girls were standing up, their suntanned upper bodies were fully exposed. Drops of water dripping from their wet hair on their firm and youhtful breasts. Pure innocence on their sweet faces, completely unaware of us staring at them. And just as the girls were both standing up and the pretty brunette was gently stroking her fingers through her long, wet hair, a bright sunray broke through the trees and carressed the wet bodies of these two amazingly beautiful creatures. As if God himself wanted to say: "This is how I meant it to be... let Me shine a light on this...".

I was completely amazed by the whole situation, the light and the two perfect girls standing there completely nude. I didn't know what to say or think. The only thing that went through my mind was how terribly childish and disrespectful we had been acting over the past few weeks concerning our attitudes towards women. I dare to say that at that place and in these few minutes of my life I have found deep respect for the amazing beauty of women.

I looked at my cousin and I saw he was staring at the girls with his mouth half open. He then slowly turned his head towards me and still didn't say a word. He only shook his head real slowly like he was in a complete shock. He then quietly stood up and started walking away from the lake. I followed him and we walked back to our campsite without even saying a single word.

In the evening we packed our bags as we would be leaving the next morning. Only that next morning my cousin spoke to me about our encounter with the two girls. He said: "Yesterday changed my life. I will never again be able to look at a girl like I used to do before. I think every man should experience what we experienced at least once in his life." I said nothing but just nodded my head. I knew exactly what he meant and fully agreed to it.

Kind regards, Marco (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

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