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Hippo the Great, Boy Detective, in:
The Great Lawn Shower Investigation
By Eolake Stobblehouse

Hippo the Great, the worlds finest ten-year-old detective, sat behind the bushes as his two evil cousins got ready for the lawn shower. It was a fine summer day at the mansion, and the two teen girls had just been swimming at the beach with their nanny, and they now wanted to wash off the salt and sand.

Hippo gritted his teeth. He was a man, and a man had to do his job. His uncle was accused of insurance fraud, and Hippo was the only one who could help. The night the diamond necklace was stolen, he had been awoken by a noise in the hall, and had seen a naked girl slip out of his uncle's bedroom, where the safe was. The angle was unfortunate, and the only thing Hippo had seen for sure was a birthmark on the girl's left buttock, shaped like Italy. So he was now on a quest to find the culprit. It was a quest he could not waver from, even if it meant getting close to... (shudder) girls.

The two girls, giggling over something or other like girls always are, took off their bathing suits, and turned on the lawn shower. Sheila, the slim redhead, held up her bathing suit to rinse off the salt water under the water. The late afternoon sunlight came through the trees and lit her from behind, playing in her deep red hair and the water droplets on her body.

Tania, the dark-haired one, who always made the men turn, made vague pushes at Sheila to get to the shower. Tania had a bigger bosom than Sheila who had small pointed breasts.

Sheila turned away, hanging her suit to dry, and Tania got under the shower. In the sunlight she lifted her arms up and tilted her head back. She ran her hands and the water over and under her ample breasts, hopping a bit back and forth, and her buttocks jiggled.

The girls had a little mock push-fight, and Sheila fell on her bum on the grass and got dirty. Tania felt guilty and helped her wash off the dirt under the shower.

Hippo looked and looked, it was hard to see well against the light, but finally he decided that none of the girls had any birthmark on the left buttock, Italy-shaped or otherwise.

With grim determination he decided that he would have to investigate more girls to find the villain and clear his uncle's name.

What disgusting things a man had to do to follow his duty!

The end

Eolake Stobblehouse

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