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The letters this week may lead somebody to the faulty conclusion that DOMAI is fighting sexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth, we believe that fighting sexuality is not healthy, and a losing battle besides.

What we are fighting for is our vision that Beauty is of primary importance, and when it is drowned under anything, including sex, it is a grave pity.

To quote myself: "Knowledge is the food of the spirit, and beauty is the drink."

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters of the week, from Dan, and Johanna

"As a woman myself, I had gotten terribly sick of seeing my kind represented as heavily made-up, silicon-pumped prostitutes whose only sense of self-satisfaction could come from getting a man off."


Eolake, I just recently discovered your site, and I've been working through your newsletter archives. I felt I had to respond to your philosophy that: Nudity is Natural-- of course, we're born that way! Beauty is Important--like air! Looking is Good--like breathing!

I'd say you have a gift for understatement!! I live in a place informally called the "scenic city." Every day I stop and take in the sight of the snow on the mountains, or a flock of geese, or a deer, sunset, cloud formation...whatever, or the smell of fresh cut lumber, or grass. Even more often I notice a pretty woman. My wife rarely lets me see her naked, so I started surfing the net, looking at pictures, and (let's be honest) m*****bating.

But things are different after finding DOMAI. The pictures on your site seem to fill the need I'm seeking without the sexual part. That is, I feel satisfied, complete, if you will, without "getting my rocks off." I now realize that my need is for beauty, not sex. Thank you.

Beauty, Truth, Wisdom, and Flavor are worth seeking.


Dear Eolake:

I have been wandering around adult sites for awhile now not because I enjoy the grotesque caricature of human sexuality that we call pornography , but simply because I have a fondness for the aesthetic qualities of the female body and I had assumed that wandering through page after page of revolting porn was the only way to find nude women represented on the web.

On some site, I found a photograph of Aneli and it took my breath away--she was healthy, naturally pretty, and photographed as the enigmatic and powerful goddess that she, and all your other models, are. Not only did I follow a link back to, which is something I have never before done, I have also been seriously contemplating over the last few days joining, which is also something I have never done.

As a woman myself, I had gotten terribly sick of seeing my kind represented as heavily made-up, silicon-pumped prostitutes whose only sense of self-satisfaction could come from getting a man off. I suppose what I appreciate about, that is, from the beauty of the models themselves, though their breathtaking faces and healthy, natural bodies contribute to this--is the ethos behind it.

The women on do not seem to be here to make men horny enough to lay down cash to see them in even more explicit photographs, and the women on's sense of happiness does not seem to hinge on how hard they make their male audience. I suppose, in a few words, what I appreciate about the women of is that their beauty simply is. It is not cheapened by artificial sexuality, nor is it hidden by breast implants or garish make up.

Beauty for the sake of beauty.

That is something there is not enough of in the world.

Johanna, Oklahoma

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"You and the
DOMAI site spoil me as a member. I could not imagine being satisfied with another site such as this ever again... All the models are extremely beautiful: each in their own way. They all seem to possess a genuineness and honesty that is very appealing. They all seem approachable, the kind of women that one could talk to without feeling intimidated and the kind of women one would not feel a need to try to intimidate them." - ROBERT A <>