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I am getting so many good letters for the newsletter that I will start to put in two at a time pretty often. No reason to let such good material go to waste, just because it means a little more work for ol' Stobblehouse. :)

The first one this week has a pertinent comment, and the second one a nice story from real life. I like both kinds of letters, and I like a mix of them.

Eolake Stobblehouse

First letter of the week, from Will

"I have found that to express such deep felt sentiments of wonder and appreciation, which are not lustful in origin, to be strictly taboo in today's world."


Recently, I discovered your DOMAI website and find it a surprising and pleasing place to spend a few moments.

I firmly believe in your decree:

Nudity is natural,
Beauty is important,
Looking is good.

I am opposed to what I call pornography, which is something that I believe takes away from the morality of true beauty. It subtracts and taints what is inherently good and natural in a man and in a woman. It distorts what is pure between man and woman in a loving relationship. It is a world of lust for lusts' sake, without the edifying characteristics of loving and caring between human beings. It cheapens our most exalting characteristics as humans. The ability to love selflessly.

Yes, pornography can be arousing on a sensual level, but it is not the spiritual arousal and awakening one is likely to feel when witnessing the simplicity of human beauty in it's purest form (nudity). As you, I have found that to express such deep felt sentiments of wonder and appreciation, which are not lustful in origin, to be strictly taboo in today's world.

I have a beautiful wife and four very gorgeous teenage daughters. If I make a comment regarding the beauty of someone that catches my eye, either female or male, I am sometimes subjected to comments by the females in my family, that I am behaving like, "a dirty old man" or "gay", and I am clearly neither, as the world defines them.

To a certain degree they seem to be effected by the prevalent attitudes of our "modern culture". I have pointed this out to them in defending my comments. They acknowledge this, but seem to feel that I need to "get back in the societal box", to accommodate THEIR comfort level.

We do talk about nudity very openly as a family. We have discussed nudity in light of prevailing religious and societal attitudes extensively. We have visited hot springs and other venues frequented by naturist as a family. Two of our daughters have joined in, along with our two young boys, the other two daughters are still reluctant.

They have, at times, admitted that they believe I am right, but say that, "NOBODY believes or thinks like I do". They say that while they can understand and believe my perspective to be correct, it is difficult and "weird" for them to integrate such beliefs into their, "day to day" character and personality. It is a constant battle to try and undo the brainwashing of "modern culture" that can impact all of us.

Both pornography and "false modesty in dress standards" are perhaps to blame. While they are polar opposites, they clearly share one thing in common. Both are "obsessed with sex". Both have the effect of reducing the nature of the human body, to something that is ONLY capable of inherent lust and sensuality and/or evil. Both distort the purest, simplest and greatest beauty to be witnessed; that of the human body. The rational acceptance of nudity isn't the only victim. Our modern society, as well as, our interpersonal relationships on all levels, are also victims of these distortions.


Second letter of the week, from Geoff

"As we engaged in small talk about the great weather and fishing and such, she then let us know that we were not in very deep water by standing up and revealing all of her glory to us."

Hello there.

First of all, I wish to complement you on your site. I have a friend of mine who did recommend it. She did indeed steer me in a good direction. I particularly enjoy the letters and stories and such. That said, I would like to share something with you and perhaps your readers.

Unfortunately, unlike many of your reader, I have no stories of my youth. Reading them, I became somewhat envious of such fond memories. The testimonial that I can share with you happened last summer, here in Minnesota, in the United states.

To start off, it helps to have some background.

My Brother has a son, Matt, he is now fifteen so last year he was fourteen. In order to give Matt some experiences outside of the city, we agreed that he would spend a week up north with me, camping in what is known as the Boundary waters. (my brother is not really the outdoors type) This is a area that everyone should see. For it is truly a magnificent area. The beauty of the true wilderness can really clear ones mind. I try to get up to this boreal forest many times of year. While up there is it not uncommon to see animals such as moose, deer, eagles and otters. My goal of this week was to share this area with Matt and to give him some sort of appreciation for such beauty.

This goal was met early in the trip. For Matt really seemed to enjoy this area. We were camping, using a canoe to go to different camp sites. Many times during the day during the day we would take a break from our paddling to do some fishing. It seemed like every time that I suggested that we take a break, the fish would start biting. This can't help but to raise the status of any uncle. Needless to say, this little venture was going quite well.

On our third day out things did get a bit more interesting and we got the chance to appreciate some beauty of a different sort. Matt and I had been paddling pretty hard for most of the morning and I thought that it was a good time to take a break. I needed to rest my arms and Matt wanted to do some fishing. The location I chose was ideal for this. For it was a connecting stream that linked one lake to another. There was a current, but not unmanageable. I could relax in the sun shine as we just drifted down stream. We did this for about fifteen minutes when I could begin to hear what sounded like some people talking or laughing. This seemed strange to us, for we had not seen anyone else since we put our canoe in the water earlier in the week.

As we rounded a bend in the river it became clear as to who was making these sounds. Four girls, I figured in their late teens or early twenties were camped on the rivers edge. Like us, they were canoe campers but two of them had kayaks. As the river pulled down stream, I noticed from the two lying on the rivers edge, that these girls were not expecting too many visitors. For the girls on the river's edge and the girls in the water, I was soon to find out, were completely nude.

Their clothes were hung on a line between two trees and were brightly colored, and seemed to be on display like the flags of so many different nations. The two girls in the water, were dark in their completion and had hair as black as a raven's wing, were the first to notice our presence. I thought to myself, what is the proper etiquette in such a situation? Should I take the step of turning the canoe around and paddle up stream to give them the chance to get themselves decent for us? I don't know why I did not do this. Perhaps it was noticing their relaxed reaction to seeing us. For when the ladies on shore were alerted to us, they simply sat up and waved. Seeing this I waved back and continued our drift. The girls on the shore were fair in there complexion, not unlike Matt and me.

I noticed by looking at them that they were all in really good shape. It was easy to see the results of their healthy active life style. Each possessed lean stomachs and well muscled arms. All four of them were beautiful in their own right. One of the girls with black hair must have been nude outdoors frequently, for she lack the tan lines of her friends. She swam up to our canoe and we began to chat. As we engaged in small talk about the great weather and fishing and such, she then let us know that we were not in very deep water by standing up and revealing all of her glory to us. She was like a real life version of Aphrodite as she rose from the water. Her breast were not big but they were well formed in their shape, sat high on her chest. Each of them glistening with the droplets of water. She smiled sweetly when she notice that I was clearly doing my best to keep my cool. We continued our conversations for about twenty minutes, all the while Matt not saying a word. As we continued our chat I was awestruck as to how at ease these ladies were. All of them comfortable in their own skin, and without any hang-ups. This trait in particular I found to be the most attractive.

We eventually continued on down stream. I looked back once, as if to confirm that this really did happen. They smiled and waved as we paddled down stream. Matt and I had about four more hours of paddling before we were to set up camp and we really did not talk much during this time.

It was only after we were finish with dinner that he coyly asked me if that was the beauty of the north woods that he wanted me to see? I smiled and laughed but didn't answer his question.

Perhaps some day he'll write you a letter with his perspectives of this magical moment in time. If he does write such a letter, I would enjoy reading it.

Kind Regards, Geoff

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