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New year's message

So we are already a couple of days into 2004. How time flies.

I believe this century and this millennium will be times of great spiritual breakthroughs for mankind.

Yes, undeniably, the first few years have been rather scary. But there is a difference between "scary" and "bad". One might be scared for little reason, and the fear can easily mask perceptions of a greater good.

Some forces on Planet Earth see it as their job to make people live in fear. Or maybe they think that they can better do their jobs if people do. I am thinking mainly of governments, and the media.

Governments get handed more money and more power by a frightened population. And the media sell more papers and advertising if the audience is so scared that they dare not look away.

Yet, if one looks carefully, things are very different than we are told. For instance, media are talking much more now about violence and crime, so one naturally gets the impression that they are on the rise. But if you look at the facts, both are actually falling during the past ten years! And so on.

Both myself and many others have for years now had a very strong perception that something very powerfully good is happening. There are many different ideas about what it is. But it seems to have much to do with awareness. If you start looking for it, you will see awareness rising in all kinds of areas, and all the right areas. And awareness is the basis of all progress and all good.

Also imagine if one of those areas is the awareness that we are not really free at all. Wouldn't that be very scary to wake up to? And yet, without that awareness, could you ever become free?

Also, if you are not free, wouldn't there be forces who imprison you? And if you start waking up, wouldn't those forces start panicking, and go to desperate lengths to keep you down?

Yet, one of the universal perceptions about this spiritual "jail break" is that it seems inevitable. Like a sports match with a huge surplus of points and just ten seconds to go, the outcome is technically not decided, but everybody knows what it will be.

We are probably not all the way through the frightening parts yet. It may even get worse for a few years. But remember that whatever you fear, the worse enemy is fear itself. If you remain calm and optimistic, things will go so much easier.

It will all be good.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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