The following is an interview I just gave to a German magazine. I decided to present it here in English for those who don't speak German. :)

Question: The Internet is full of pornographic picture clubs. Is there still an interest for pictures, which are "only" simply nude and not "explicit"?

Stobblehouse: Yes, very much. It is my feeling that 35 years after pornography was first legalized in Denmark as the first country, and ten years after the World Wide Web became widely known, that many people have "gotten enough" porn. It is not as exciting as it was when it was new and taboo. People are realizing that just beautiful girls have a deeper and more lasting satisfaction than explicit sex.

I am getting many many letters from people who have been looking for something like Domai, and are very grateful to have finally found it.

Question: Is the rising interest for "simply nude" a retro thing? In modern pornographic you can see everything, but the emotion is lost. It is only technical. Is simply nude more romantic?

Stobblehouse: I don't think it is retro. In the old days there was something very similar to Simple Nudes, but the reason was mainly that pornography was illegal all over the world. Today we can have simple nudes not because we have to, but because we want to.

You can call it romantic if you want to. For me it is a simple, happy joy over something beautiful. Another thing people often comment on is how the models are clearly having fun and enjoying what they do.

Question: Very many photographers are working for you? Do they work exclusively for you? How do you get in contact with them?

Stobblehouse: I work with maybe a dozen photographers on a regular basis. They are freelance. And most of the time they find Domai and contact me. For the first couple of years, it was hard to find good pictures, but now Domai is famous enough that people find me, which is wonderful.

Question: The Models looks very natural. Are they experienced models or just girls from the neighborhood?

Stobblehouse: Many of them are amateurs. Professional models are sometimes harder to work with, because they have a set way of working, specific poses they have been used to, and a way of trying to look "sexy" that we don't really want.

Question: The photos are often taken outside and not in the studio. Sure - they look much better. But why do you put so much effort in the pictures?

Stobblehouse: I just assume that if I get bored, my members will be bored too. I generally go after simply what I like myself. I like big spaces and I like interesting pictures.

Question: How many people take a look at your girls a day?

Stobblehouse: From my server statistics, it seems to be around 100,000. According to Alexa, we are now in the top 3,000 of most popular web sites.

Question: You take $14,95 per the month for a membership. In a normal pornographic sex-club you get millions of pictures, several live-shows and hundreds of digitalized videos. Do many people become member at

Stobblehouse: I could probably earn more if I did hard core. But I am doing very very well, earning much more than I did when I had an office job. And of course I have much more fun, and I am my own boss.

Also I have the theory that Simple Nudes will grow and grow and grow over the next twenty years. I think that is a natural market, and that most people just don't know it even exists yet.

Question: What will the members get for their money?

Stobblehouse: Well, all the articles and stories and many images are free. The fine art section is free. What members get on top of that is over 5,000 pictures more. And they are hand-picked, hand-edited images. We never post 500 very similar pictures, we are highly selective.

Our target audience is not the porn collector who measures how good his collection is in how many gigabytes he has. Our target audience is the educated person who does not have five hours every day to download pictures, and who just wants the very best he can get.

Question: Why don't you finance your homepage with popups and banners?

Stobblehouse: Because I don't like them. I think they ruin the look and the feel of a web site. When you put banners on a site it is no longer entirely your site. And popups are just irritating.

Question: I heard, there is a CD-ROM with more pictures. Can you tell us something about this project?

Stobblehouse: The CD is very popular. It is the answer to the real collector's wish for larger images and to the slowness of the web. The images are similar to those for members, but they are for very large screens. Many of them are so large even the largest screens will not show it all, but they will look great printed on a good printer. Many people also really like our new Vintage Image CD.

Question: Some people want to kick all erotic homepages out of the internet. Do you have any problems because of your web-content with audiences?

Stobblehouse: No, I have no problems. People who don't like nudity generally don't go to the site. Also it is very obvious that the site is very tasteful, so most people like it, even many people who hate porn.

Question: Are you a really dirty old man? Do you always think about sex and nude women? So why do you personally host a project like

Stobblehouse: I don't think about sex more than normal. I think that a pretty woman, especially nude, is the most beautiful sight in the universe, and I enjoy it immensely. Sometimes it is sexually stimulating to me, but usually not. It is just pretty.

Question: Do you have female members as well?

Stobblehouse: Yes, I have surprisingly many. I find this very gratifying and a confirmation of my philosophy.

Question: Do you have plans for a printed book with the best photos?

Stobblehouse: Yes indeed. In the late spring a Domai book called 'Natural Beauties' will be published by Goliath Books. It will be a beautiful book with 350 color pictures, and I am sure it will be a bestseller. I will announce in the newsletter when it is available. Which will be in Europe first, then later the USA.

Question: Do you take nude pictures yourself?

Stobblehouse: Yes, occasionally. I hope in the future to do more. I have always had a strong interest for all manners of making pictures, including photography. Some of my work can be seen for free at

Question: What think your parents, friends and women close to you about

Stobblehouse: They are proud that I am doing so well on something I made myself. Of course my family is Danish, and Denmark is a pretty liberal country. You can occasionally see nudity on public TV, which you can't in the USA for example.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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"I love to see quality photographs of beautiful girls, nude or dressed, but pics of (semi-)professional models - as in Mystique - while nice (if not perfect), bore me, and pornographic pics - as just about everywhere on the WWW - disgust me. DOMAI seems to be the only website that offers what I want to see. The girls always look decent and innocent, and pretty. I look at a photo for only a few seconds, and I feel better than I used to feel. Viewing a DOMAI pic is like taking aspirin when you have a headache, or an anti-depressant when you feel down. The difference is you don't need medicine to get better.
You can eat an apple every day, you can drinka pinta milka day. Laughing is also good for your health. I have a great sense of humour, but I don't need "a joke a day" to make me feel good. DOMAI does it so much better." - Ruud M. <ruudmoret[at]

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