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Well, well. Like I suspected from my experience with the excellent readers we have, I got lots of letters regarding last weeks question, and lots of food for thought and new perspectives and insights. I have posted a few of the more interesting ones below for your edification.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai


Absolute no-brainer. Of course Domai would survive. Domai doesn't simply offer pictures of naked people. It offers pictures of stunningly beautiful naked young women.

It is not nudity that is Domai's stock in trade. It is beauty. And beauty is rare. Moreover it is compelling: we seek it out. We are drawn to it. We need it. Without it our lives our barren.

I spend a percentage of my life in art museums, because the beauty that the great artists of the past have created is life-enriching. Likewise the beauty of the young women on the Domai site is life-enriching. This is because of the philosophy of Simple Nudes.

In recent months I've followed some of the links on the Domai site. I've come to appreciate just how rare and how difficult it is to adhere to the philosophy of the simple nude. Numerous sites that pay it lip service are tending more and more to soft-core.

When I compare your photographs of Jenny with those of Martin Krake, to whose stable she belongs, it seems to me that the former are more relaxed, less concerned with being sexy, less focussed on body parts. I may be deluding myself: this young woman has been photographed many times. Surely her posing is calculated. Yet I persuade myself that in Lindenborn's work with her there is more calculation than in her work with you. She seems to be aware that in the latter the focus is not on her sexuality but on her beauty.

Yeah: I'm probably deluding myself. But it's a fine madness.

Domai will survive because there is a market for the simple nude. Perhaps it is a niche market: old farts like me, whose sexlife is a distant memory, who truly are interested in appreciating beauty rather than masturbating to it. Women: who understand that celebrating the top 5% celebrates all women. Healthy young men: who can appreciate the beauty of half of the species without being distracted from the particular virtues of the individual specimen with whom they have chosen to make a life together. And those partners, who might in their younger years have themselves been similarly beautiful, but as time has passed have retained their hold on their men because of qualities far more significant and longer-lasting than the physical.

On second thought, perhaps it's a pretty significant niche.



Hello, I first found your site a few years ago, but I only started visiting regularly a few months ago. When I started reading the back issues of the newsletters and the background on why you started this site, I got a real appreciation for it and the philosophy behind it.

I especially love that these are women that range from gorgeous to pretty, not focusing on any particular standard of beauty. It allows a wide range of beauty to be appreciated. I will agree that it would be nice to see a broader range of ethnic backgrounds, but I understand that you can only publish what people submit. What actually inspired me to write, however, was your question in this week's newsletter about DOMAI's survival in a clothing-free world.

I suppose another question to add would be 'Is it clothing-free or clothing optional?' I'm somewhat reminded of an old story by Robert A. Heinlein, one of my all time favorite Dirty Old Men (in fact, his stories were what first inspired me to the appreciation of the path of the true DOM). In the story "The Puppet Masters" a race of alien blobs are able to control humans by maintaining skin contact to tap the nervous system. They ride on the body. When the people realize that, the government starts slowly requiring more and more stringent nudity laws. In the end, people are required to go naked at all times in public. Wearing clothes is actually a severe criminal offense, since you could be hiding an alien.

That story made me really wonder, since in that one it required a fear of extraterrestrial invasion to make the country go nude. Is it really that deeply ingrained of a taboo that nothing short of mortal terror would make our society give it up? Sadly, once the aliens were defeated, the clothes went back on. So, I don't think that a clothingfree world is likely anytime soon, sad to say.

But in such a theoretical world, I think that DOMAI would still have a place. First, the women you feature have a beauty that is beyond skin-deep. They often show a playful innocence that most of us have forgotten, if we ever knew it at all. I personally can't remember ever being that free and innocent, even as a child. Seeing these women touches a place in my heart that I forget about too easily otherwise.

Second, even in places where nudity is condoned, DOMs usually aren't. I've never been to a nudist resort myself, but from people I know that have, there seems to often be very strict taboos about looking and appreciating. I think its especially with those who are trying to desexualize nudity, to get past the stigma that others assume that nudist resorts are just an excuse for orgies. So, even if nudity was the rule, I still think there would be a taboo against looking. In fact, the taboo against looking might be even stronger.

[Comment: This is an important observation, to say the least. Please refer to our mission statement. - Eolake]

So, DOMAI would give people a place to appreciate without condemnation. Third, there would still need to be clothing for weather's sake. So, nudity would still not be as common in all places at all times. So, seeing a women in her natural state might still be a special treat for many people.

Fourth, people still need to show status, and without clothing to do so, I think it would switch to body paints, tattoos, and decorations. Sort of like the pictures I've seen from Rio's Carnival. Nothing's really covered, but everything is decorated.

In that case DOMAI's collection of beautiful women in a natural state of nudity would be a wonderful break from all the decorations and status. To show a women in her pure, natural state would still be a rare and wonderful thing, and that would keep DOMAI going for quite some time.

Fifth, just because you could see nude women around you every day doesn't mean that you wouldn't want a place to look at other, attractive women too. It's an old cliché that a man married to a gorgeous woman will still look at other women, and why not? If there is beauty, why not appreciate it? As long as DOMAI can maintain its high standards, I think there will always be a place for it, even in a dream world of perfect acceptance of the nude form. So, please keep up the good work. From the letters I've read here, this site is a true inspiration to many people, men and women, in the most positive ways imaginable. I'm glad to think that it will be here for a very long time to come.

Patrick O


Mr. Stobblehouse,

The question reminds me of being on the Mediterannean beaches of Juan Les Pain some years ago. Topless bathing is normal there for all ages. As an American steeped in Puritanical prohibitions, I was enjoying the view and the contrast between young and old. There were four young girls bouncing an inflated ball between them for fun right in front of me. At first I couldn't take my eyes of them; they were so alive and comely. But after fifteen minutes or so, I returned to my novel. It wasn't until later that my curiousity was once again aroused.

You see, their schedule must have required them to return elsewhere so they retrieved their street clothing from various bags and piles and donned them for their departure. Now I couldn't take my eyes off them because I could see nipples beneath that lovely yellow summer dress.

So, if the whole world went nude, we'd probably have put-it-on burlesque.

Don P


I don't believe that nudism would be the same wether all human beings would be nude. Surely, there would be much to view. But instead of clothes there would be a private posing and a public posing. Your nudity you and your photographers show is not only being naked. It is private nude. It is a private view in a face that says 'hello' to a friend, not in a bus looking beside your left ear or out of the window.

Your beauties show time. They show enyoing the situation. They show ... an intimity that can not only be explained by nudity.




Dear Eolake,

First off, let me say that your website is beautiful. Second, regarding the newsletter question, no, I don't think that an absence of the nudity taboo would make one whit of difference in the popularity (or pertinence) of your website. There is no taboo against looking at mountains, but people do not tire of Ansel Adams. Beauty is beauty, whether it is a person, or a tree, a lake, a sunset or whatever. I happen to be Wiccan in a city with a very large Wiccan population, which means, among other things, that I've seen more naked women than the average gynecologist, many of whom could easily be models for your site. Nudity is not taboo at all in this subculture, nor is sexuality. And I still enjoy your site as much as any on the web. Yes, I imagine that in a world without body hangups, pornography would lose its interest pretty quickly. Beauty, however, will never be passe.

Shade and sweet water, Robert (Dirty Old Man In-Training)


People appreciate beauty and are willing to pay for it. Nudists are people. Naked ladies are beautiful people. QED All of us nudists read the nudist magazines, and not just for the volleyball scores.


I fondly recall the young lady who introduced me to the resort. One time in her apartment back in our town, she was standing in her bedroom, nude, putting on her bra. My God, how beautiful she was, with her bountiful left breast in silhouette! You think I wouldn't like to have a picture of that today, or that I wouldn't be willing to pay for it?!

People will always pay for beauty.


4. How big of a difference does the particular beauty and personalities of Domai models make? 5. How big a difference does the artistic quality of Domai pictures make?

The answer to these two questions is a very big difference and a very big difference. Shortly after I joined DOMAI years back, I noticed two things about the DOMAI girls: almost without exception every one of your (more than 180) models comes across as totally aware that she is an extraordinary beauty and that she is naked, and is completely at ease with both. Go to a stack of Playboys and pull out any 180, and I doubt you could find 20 girls that exude that sense anywhere near to the DOMAI standard.

The overall question is harder. But, yes, DOMAI would survive, and even grow. Why? I think we really don't know. I don't think we really understand what beauty is or how it works--be it a woman, a Mozart sonata, the sky, the sea, or any great art. And I don't think we ever will. And I'm glad.

mike m



I gave some thought to the questions you posed, and figured I'd share my thoughts with you.

As to your first question, regarding climate: There's well more than six billion of us, and before 2010 that number will top 7 billion. There just isn't enough room for us all in the Tropic zones. Besides, I lived in northern Mexico for 3 years, and I can tell you that as hot as it got in the summer, winters could still see temps around 5C, which is still too damn cold to be wandering around with nothing on. In fact, in the summer even, the only way to survive the heat is to keep one's skin out of the sun. That means full-length pants, long-sleeved shirts, and wide-brimmed hats. There's something to be said for wearing less under a shady tree, however...

As for some of your other questions, you only need to look a history, and especially that of non-Western cultures. Even the most "primitive" of peoples decided to cover the genitals of both genders, even if only with simple loincloths. There are bound to always be people who cover at least some part of themselves for their own personal comfort. I'm sure the world has no need to see my hairy round belly, for instance.

The secret to DOMAI, I think, is that is doesn't just show women in the nude, but it shows the most naturally beautiful women in the world. They don't have a team of specialists around them to make them "glamorous" or "sexy", we get to see them just as they are, to the limits that photography will allow. That's what makes DOMAI photos so much more interesting than, for instance, the non-nude but over-slicked photos in Maxim. I think even Playboy was, at one time, pretty good at showing beautiful women as they were, but for at least twenty years has been caught in a cycle of showing airbrushed photos of surgically-enhanced women.

No, just as in the other arts - even in photography in general, where anyone and everyone can buy a decent camera and start snapping away - there will always be an appreciation for those who can achieve the highest levels in a field where basic skills are common. And so as nudity becomes more common and prevalent, there will be a growing appreciation for those who look best bare. Most any woman can find herself a bikini which fits her well, but millions still buy Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue every February showing the women who look better in a bikini than anyone.

DOMAI shows women who look really damn good nude, and combined with photographers who know how to make them look good in a photo makes it truly special. Even if you have many imitators in the future, it is likely that few of them will truly understand what it is you're doing.

I wish you all continued success.

Best wishes, Daniel D


Yes, DOMAI would survive. Realize that these models are pretty, lovely, sexually stimulating, pleasing to the eye, instilling thoughts of both love and lust, due to the eyes, talanet and equiptment of the men and women who create them for us. Having been to public nude beaches as a nudist, I have to tell you that most people look better with a certain amount of clothing on. Environment aside, most people do not look anything as wonderful as the DOMAI nudes.


No. There is no "taboo" surrounding a beautiful vista from a mountaintop, yet many people would enjoy that view either in person or in a well-taken photograph. The same is true for a beautiful sunset, a beautiful flower garden, and a handsome tiger in the wild. The key is beauty - captured and presented in a beautiful way. As another example, Bill Mack is an extremely successful artist who works primarily in relief sculpture, and a significant number of his pieces are of female nudes. I can't imagine that people pay thousands of dollars for his work because they are attracted by a taboo.

So, as in the case of Bill Mack's work, the "particular beauty and personalities of Domai models" and the "artistic quality of Domai pictures" don't just "make a difference" - they are the primary reason for success.

In contrast, "If the world was one large nudist camp, would '' [never mind, not a real site] be more popular, or less?" I think less, simply because the focus on these sites is nudity, not beauty. If nudity were prevalent in the world, I could go to the park and watch the volleyball in person, or even join the game. I would have no more interest in looking at pictures of it than I would be interested in a stranger's vacation snapshots.



Dear Eolake

Your question regarding the survival of DOMAI in a society where nudity would no longer be taboo requires little thought on my part. DOMAI could never become obsolete so long as the personalities and beauty of your models continues to be captured by outstanding artistic photographers with an impeccable sense of the young ladies qualities and preferences.

Goodness knows we have all seen people of both genders on the beaches, streets and parks wearing clothing much too revealing for their, shall we say "Body type". Less would be too much in those cases!

I conclude by saying that the radiance and energy of youth will always be attractive, especially to those of us who are approaching "the top of the hill". The day we stop appreciating the energy and beauty of youth will be the day they nail the coffin shut!

Vallanna T


I just HAD to reply on this one. The question being: If the nudity taboo were lifted, would Domai still prosper? Of course, and here's an analogy to explain why I feel this way.

I am an airplane enthusiast. I can go to any airport in the world and look at airplanes all day. That doesn't stop me from buying airplane magazines and looking at the pictures of interesting airplanes and reading articles about them. If you like something a lot, you really shouldn't get tired of it. I don't look at nude women because of any taboo; I look because I enjoy the view.

Jim B


Hi, Eolake! Yes! Of course Domai would survive! Your website is artistic and the nude figures are of basically beautiful people for all tastes. I dare say that if all people went around nude that very many are beautiful...not to be disrespectful, but the reality is that not all people are beautiful, and I think people tend to want to see healthy, beautiful and young bodies being expressed in an artistic manner. I don't believe that your website is successful only because of the nudity taboo. In fact, all your readers seem to think that there is no taboo in nudity, but that it is a very uninhibited and natural state of being! Yours truly, Inge & David.


Mr. Stobblehouse:

Every spring here in the state of Florida, USA, we have a tradition called "Spring Break." College age men and women swarm down to our sunny beaches from colleges all through the North Eastern USA for some rest and relaxation. So needless to say there are thousands of young women all over the beaches. The tiny things that pass as "swim suits" are as close to being naked as one can get. The problem is the sexual overtones associated with the young minds inside those bodies, keeps them from taking that final step to total nudity. Also because of those same sexual overtones, there are laws about exposing ones genitals in public. I believe that it's peoples attitude toward sex that keeps them from accepting total nudity in places such as a beach on a summer day. So until my society grows up and looks beyond the sexual aspects of a naked human body, I will continue to enjoy the wonderful images on the DOMAI web site. Thank you for your work! James F


Hi Eolake,

I was a nudist for many years. My camp was a resort, but you could live there too. It was something like 250 acres with a 50-acre lake. Magnificent. I also occasionally went to a nude apartment complex: all residents were nudists. In both places, clothing was optional, but nobody wore any. We hated the thought of getting dressed to go out in the world for work or shopping.

I will ignore your questions, although they are thoughtful, and cut to the chase:

Nudists (including women) like pictures of nude women (and nude men), even if said nudists are lounging by a pool well stocked with them.

Nudists also (gasp) like sex. Oh yes. I have a story about that, but I'll forego it.

Like everyone else, nudists are not excited sexually by the simple presence of nude people, no matter how good looking. (Nudists take excellent care of their bodies.)

Therefore, dear Eolake, fear ye not. Even if the whole world were naked as we speak (which will never happen in this world in our lifetimes), simple nudes would still be popular--probably MORE popular with the stigma removed!

I will close with a story. We had some friends at our nudist resort. We were invited to a wedding out in the world, everyone clothed. The woman friend was there. I had never seen her with clothes! When she said hello, I didn't recognize her! She got angry, thinking I had never looked at anything except her boobs and bottom. Not so, although they were superb. I just did not recognize her in clothes!


Walter D


in a world where nudity is no longer taboo and would be completely accepted, domai as a website would probably suffer. domai as a concept, however, would have won a great victory and would flourish.


We will always have a need for something like Domai just because it is human nature to want more and to be honest, even if every woman were nude, not all of them would look like a Domai model. With the, literally, hundreds of thousands of websites out there, offering daily beauties, Domai is still popular and still strong. I have no doubt, you would still have a job...........

Your Vegas Fan............... Bob


You ask if Domai would be different if things were turned around in our culture?

I wont go into great detail but consider that at one time nudity wasn't the taboo it is now and going back several thousand years (pre-dating our puritanical roots) clothing represented only protection from the elements. Later on in the time-line it came to be more related to social standing, meaning nicer things if you could afford them.

Think about the tribal cultures that don't have the worldly influence and haven't changed much over the centuries. They don't turn 3 shades of red at the sight of naked flesh but still appreciate the human form in all of it's glory.

Take a close look at Pagan groups and their beliefs, which can include nudity and sex as part of religion. This may be difficult for some to do objectively as Christian attitudes can cause bias even though the Bible doesn't tell us to shun others.

What I'm getting at is the fact that nudity is a bit of a taboo in our culture does add to the enjoyment here, while on the other hand I'd also have to say if it wasn't such a dark secret (nudity) we might be more at ease in general. That makes it hard to have a fair comparison. IOW, would we enjoy it as art or just enjoy life more over all and not be stressed about a bit of flesh?

It's my feeling that without the issue of fantasy / taboo this nakedness might be just another pretty face in the crowd. Say, on par with a still life or portrait and not sensationalized or coveted as soft porn in it's own category.

We can't logically assume that the whole world would ever be a warm climate but we could possibly presume that one day nudity will not raise an eyebrow like it does today.

Back to the question on whether or not people might still enjoy PYGs or Domai if the world were more tolerant of nudity. I'd have to say that we enjoy PYGs both clothed and naked now so what's really going to change?

My personal preference? I feel the pictures (or reality) of a naked young gal wandering in nature beats a contorted pose in a studio any day of the week.


Newsletter archive

""Its simply that I've come to love your offerings and do not want to miss out on your regular soul healing gifts. I know that it sounds trite but I have really come to cherish your new photographic offerings of truly beautiful women each week. Many times I log on before I leave for work with the expectation of finding something quite wondrous and beautiful. Its not that I dwell on these women but rather it reminds me how important such beauty really is to me. This gives me a peace of mind that is only compared to spending time in my garden or perhaps taking a nice hike." - Norm Clark

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