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As I predicted last week, the Domai Art contest was a resounding success, and we are very gratified to know that there are so many talented artists out there, and that so many Get the nude. Go see it.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai


I must say, your site has become one of my absolute favorites on the net. Perhaps I should explain how I came upon it... I'll be honest... I was looking for porn. Well.. that's the thing. I wasn't really looking for porn, I was looking for simple nudes. I just didn't know it yet.

I've always hated "hardcore" porn. I know this isn't true of many guys, but seeing two other people have sex doesn't turn me on. As far as I can tell, that's the difference between "softcore" and "hardcore" porn... whether a guy is involved, either having sex or doing something else to the girl. My preference has always been softcore.

I've never felt the need to pay for porn... my feeling has always been that there's so much of it out there, and some of it is free, and a small portion of that is even good. By "good", I generally meant the occasional picture on a softcore porn site that actually looked pretty. Honestly, I'm not attracted to a woman by virtue of her body, alone. Not that I don't recognize a nice body when I see one, but I can tolerate a less-than-perfect body if the girl has a beautiful face. The inverse is not true. Of course, the most attractive expression a woman can make, in my opinion, is a smile. There's a certain kind of smile that just takes my breath away with the beauty of it. The perfect example is here. Honestly, that picture would take my breath away even if you cut out everything from the neck down. But the fact that the rest is there just makes it even more gorgeous.

Anyway, now that you know a little bit about my tastes, you can imagine that my search for photographs to fit this taste has been rather difficult, since I thought that softcore porn was the only thing out there. The vast majority of porn sites, especially free porn sites, are filled with ugly women in unflattering poses with, worst of all, unflattering expressions. Anytime I've found a picture, I've saved it... like a gem, stumbled upon while wading through mud. I still have all of those, though I can't remember the last time I looked at them.

When I looked for pictures, of course, I used different search methods then others. I used Google's advanced search, using words like "beautiful" and "nude", and cutting out sites containing words such as "sl*t" and "f*ck". It was one such search that I stumbled upon, the site I linked to above.

I was captivated. Picture after picture, each of the girls was beautiful. On other sites, I'd found one... maybe two of the models who were actually beautiful. On this site, the vast majority of them were. I started saving pictures immediately.

Then I started reading. The opening of that site, then the original article, hosted on your site. I was amazed. It was as if someone had created a style of nude photography just for me.

I saw how many of your sites photos were hosted in the newsletters, and inevitably, I started reading some of those as well. I think the first one I read was this one. . It was wonderfully described, and a very entertaining story. I didn't have time to read more, but I decided to subscribe... it was free, after all, and I was already liking the whole idea revolving around the site.

The first newsletter I got after subscribing was this one. I found this story far more entertaining then the last. Mostly because I can relate... although I live in NY, and it isn't nearly as extreme here as described there, I do go to a somewhat conservative community college. I've always been annoyed by it, being generally liberal (in the same non-political way described in the opening to that newsletter, and the one following it) myself. I printed it up and left it in the kitchen... not on purpose. But my parents both ended up reading it, and it ended up getting read at the dinner table. This is the way my family is... it's a wonderful thing.

My girlfriend also got a kick out of the article. I've told her a little about the site, and she agrees with everything. She's the type who wears low-cut shirts to show off her beautiful D-cup breasts and insists that it's okay to stare. We spend as much time wearing as little clothing as possible.

In any case, needless to say, your site has certainly brought me a great deal of entertainment, in more ways than one. Perhaps it would be a stretch to say it has changed my life, having only discovered it about a month ago, but it has definitely enhanced it. It hasn't really changed my way of thinking, but it has showed me that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. I guess, having seen all the letters people have written that have been posted in the newsletters, I felt inspired to write one myself. So what happens now? Well, I'm not sure whether I can afford it just yet (being a college student, I'm naturally broke most of the time), but your site might just become the first that I pay for. It seems more than reasonable... and I've found that when it comes to software and such, the ones that generously give the most for free are the ones I'm most compelled to pay for. Your site certainly fits that category. I've found more enjoyable pictures to download off your site in a month or so then pretty much the whole rest of the internet combined, and I haven't even gotten to the members section, yet.

I guess I just wanted to say thank you. For the articles, for the pictures, for the idea. You've said that the earlier someone can become a "Dirty Old Man", the better off they are. At 18, I think I'm off to a good start. =)

Sincerely, Shane

Newsletter archive

"I have been a member of your site for about 2 or 3 weeks now, and I just want to say that I am very impressed with its content. Before, I had been looking around for a while for somewhere to see beautiful women but to no avail. Then I found DOMAI - no more searching required! What else can I say but that." - Regards, Mark

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