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Spring, here in Northern Europe, is a bit indecisive, it seems. We'll have a day or two now and then where it seems like it is finally here, and then it reverts to rain and cold. But it'll get here, and is always the favorite time for people who prefer summer dresses to winter coats. :) So hang in there.

Web site Review
Naked presenters take over the world

First it was the Russian TV station M1-TV, which achieved great success with the simple concept of pretty news presenters who take off their clothes. Then came a big Canadian web site and TV channel with the same idea. And now the Dutch have taken up the game. The twist here is that they don't talk about the news, rather they do other stuff such as cooking programs, interviews, and not least, reviews of fast cars and other things men tend to like.

Me, I was never one who tended to read a lot of men's mags, the kind with cars and so on. But of course a nude girl always gets your attention, so I took a look at it.

Naked2U the site is called. And I think it is pretty well done. They have many different presenters, and they all have charm. They don't all have "perfect" bodies, but I suspect that if they only used such women, statistically they would have a hard time to also get women with some personality and intelligence, and in the long run this is rather important. If you have to listen to somebody talk, there better be somebody there! These girls certainly are there. And they have such cute Dutch accents. :)

Some might protest, with some justification, that it seems a bit artificial to have nude presenters. But on the other hand clothes are an awfully artificial thing themselves, so...

I think the best thing about this site and others like it, is that it is another step in the right direction: to get nudity accepted for what it is: a natural thing, and not something to get terribly upset about. More power to them.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters to Domai

Dear Domai

Michelle and I were graduate students in the molecular biology department, and worked out of the same lab. I thought she was stunningly attractive from the first time I met her, but could not work up the courage to ask her out. Her quiet, introverted nature was somehow rather intimidating.

There was one particularly memorable experiment that we collaborated on. We spent much of the day in the lab, monitoring the test instruments. When the tests were finished and printouts generated, she suggested a nearby coffee shop to check out the results. It sounded much more appealing than to remain cooped up inside.

As we left the lab building, we discovered the afternoon had turned out quite warm and pleasant (the lab can be a bit chilly sometimes). Michelle stopped for a moment to remove her sweater. Her blouse underneath climbed up with the sweater, revealing smooth skin around her stomach area and just a hint of her breast curves. She was clearly not wearing a bra, yet she made no effort to catch her blouse. I wondered if she was not aware of the exposure, or perhaps simply was not self-conscious or concerned.

We continued the short distance to the next building, where the coffee shop was. After we had settled down with our drinks and papers, we went over the printouts from the lab results. One sheet in particular had rather unexpected results. I passed the sheet halfway across the table in order to point out the problem. As Michelle leaned over the table for a closer look, the top of her blouse drooped lower, providing a generous view of her chest. Her breasts were gently rounded and modest in size, swaying slightly as she leaned.

I was caught off-guard by the unexpected, but welcome sight. My eyes must have lingered too long, because as she looked up and asked me where the problem was, she noticed the direction of my eyes. She tilted her head in confusion, then glanced glanced down, and noticed her blouse hanging open. Caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I stammered an apology for my rudeness, fully expecting the usual slap in the face. When she looked back at me, she just shook her head and smiled.

Instead than covering herself, which I had expected, she just directed my attention back to the sheet and asked again where the problem was. As she digested the numbers in silence, my eyes couldn't help wandering back to her soft, inviting breasts. I guess she just wasn't concerned or ashamed of her body. I saw her differently from that point on, no longer as intimidated or afraid.

When we had finished our discussion of the results, I worked up my courage, and asked her out to dinner. She shook her head once again, and said she already had other plans that evening. Then she smiled and said she was free the following night.

Since that memorable day, we have been together now for a little over two years. Whenever we look back at our first coffee date, she still jokes occasionally about how I was a "naughty boy".


Newsletter archive

"Since I stumbled across your site a couple years ago, I have found that DOMAI is the only site that I keep coming back to on a regularly. After all that time, I was happy enough with the BOD and newsletter to keep me happy. I finally signed up as a member (the first site I have ever become a member) and have been pleasantly surprised... my expectations have been met and surpassed! Your passion shows in your work. DOMAI is a breathe of fresh air." - Glenn <burghowitz[at]>

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